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Wordpress / 15 Fascinating Facts About WordPress in Its Anniversary

15 Fascinating Facts About WordPress in Its Anniversary

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At 18, WordPress holds multiple awards, including InfoWorld's best open source software and Bossie's award for the best open-source software. WordPress also has a five-star rating for privacy from Electronic Frontier Foundation. Founded by English developer Mike Little and American developer Matt Mullenweg, WordPress is the leading content management system and a top-rated website building software. It powers slightly over 36.28 %of the world's top million websites. On 27th May 2022, the platform will be celebrating its 19th birthday, and here are 15 fascinating WordPress facts to celebrate.

1. WordPress' Monthly Spam Count is 487 Billion

According to WP Data Tables, statistics indicate that there are 6,208 times more spam messages on WordPress than real ones. The estimated figure is 487 billion spam messages.

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2.WordPress is an Open-Source and Free Software

WordPress is licensed under GNU GPL. The open-source license allows people from every part of the world to download and use the software. The software's source code is open for everyone to access, build up, study, and modify. You use WordPress to develop a website with features and functions that suit your needs.

3. Approximately 39.5% of Web Users Know and Use WordPress

WordPress didn't gain traction soon after its launching in 2003. It took expert developers to unveil the excellence and consummate versatility of WordPress. In 2005, very few web developers and users knew and used this content management system.

However, recent statistics indicate that approximately 39.5% of web users know and use WordPress. The world has slightly over 1.3 billion active websites, so 455,000,000 of such websites are powered by WordPress.

4.WordPress Doesn't Have a CEO

One of the oddest WordPress facts: despite its global recognition, it does not operate as a private entity. In other words, WordPress is not owned and operated by a particular person or group of entities. The idea behind the company was conceived and actualized by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg.

Today, the company is owned by Automattic, a privately-owned and operated company. Mullenweg is Automattic's CEO, so he controls most of the company's functions. Keeping the company off the ownership and management of a group of entities protects the freedoms of an open-source license.

5. WordPress Theme Avada Has Made Over $12 Million in Sales

Avada is a famous and impressive WordPress theme known for its intuitive visual front-end design and fantastic editing tools. The theme offers multi-purpose and modern designs adaptable to any current website layout and design. It's currently the most in-demand WordPress theme that has been in existence for over six years. Avada theme costs $59 per piece, and the current sale volume exceeds 200,000. Avada has generated more than $12 million in sales in seven years.

6.WordPress Registers Over 1.1 Million Domains Within 6 Months

A 2015 global internet CMS usage survey confirmed that WordPress had documented over 1.1 million domains within six months. In other words, WordPress accounts for 1.1 million domains every six months. The growing demand for WordPress is linked to its convenience and effortless usability, which allows businesses to set up their online presence in hours.

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7. JavaScript Accounts for 20% of WordPress Coding

20% of WordPress code uses JavaScript. For clarification purposes, JavaScript is a famous scripting language that allows the creation of dynamically updating animate images and content that control multimedia. It's one of the most sought-after technologies of the World Wide Web, loved and used by the largest percentage of website developers. Statistics have demonstrated that more than 97% of active websites today use JavaScript.

8.WordPress Provides Over 54,000 Free Plugins

Plugins are similar to the applications on your mobile phone. They're the applications your website needs to run and function optimally. Once you have developed and launched your website, you can choose from over 54,000 free plugins. You can download and install these plugins on your website to complete different functions of your site. Use the various plugins to create separate functions for your website, including contact forms, shopping carts, etc.

9. There Are Over 2.94 Million WordPress Searches Every Month

The data documented by a popular and credible keyword-analysis tool, KWFinder, shows that people search the word "WordPress" slightly over 2.94 million times every month. In other words, web users enter the word "WordPress" on the search engine query 35.28 times every year. That tells you how popular WordPress has become today. Imagine how much traffic your website would attract if most of your pages were about the keyword.

10. WordPress Is Available in 196 Languages

Here's one of the most inclusive WordPress facts: the platform is translated into all 196 decoded languages upon request. However, you might find that the website only automatically translates into 62 popular languages. However, that does not mean that the language you're searching for is unavailable. It may take decades before WordPress avails its website in 7100 globally spoken languages. Still, thanks to the collaborators' efforts, it may not take long before you can see your local language on the list.

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11. WordPress Gets More Searches Than Twitter

Recent statistics have indicated that WordPress gets 163 billion new visitors every month. On the other hand, Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms, only gets 156 million new visitors every month. That is to say that WordPress gets seven million more unique visitors every month than Twitter.

12. Approximately 71% of WordPress Content Is in English

English is the world's most spoken and understood language, and it has over 1.5 billion speakers. It is also the most taught language. For a global content management website such as WordPress, prioritizing the English language is essential. It may please you to note that 71% of the content on WordPress is in English.

13. WordPress Users Share 27 Posts Every Second

WordPress usage stats indicate that active WordPress users share approximately 27 posts every passing second. That translates to 1620 posts every minute and 97,200 posts per hour. Therefore, every 24 hours, bloggers and website owners post 2,332,800 posts, which equals 711,504,000 per month.

14. Amazon Has 809 Times More Employees Than WordPress

As of 2022, Amazon is valued at $386.1 billion and has 1,608,000 employees. On the other hand, WordPress has 1986 employees, and it is valued at $7.5 billion. That means that Amazon has more value than WordPress and has 809 times as many employees.

15.WordPress is the Word's Most Used CMS

According to recent stats, WordPress is the most famous and popular CMS system. It enjoys an outstanding market share of 61.8 percent, followed by Joomla with 4.7%.


These are exciting WordPress facts to know before its 19th anniversary. Do you have a WordPress site to improve, or do you want to develop a website but have no idea how to go about it? Reach out to our team at Bright Vessel for assistance.

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