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Mobile Stats 2016
Mobile Stats 2016
Digital Marketing / 2016 Trends that Will Drive Digital Marketing in Florida

2016 Trends that Will Drive Digital Marketing in Florida

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Companies Florida that have been around for decades and relied on their business thriving through word of mouth are finding that it is not that easy anymore with new businesses speaking to younger generations through digital channels. Newer companies are setting their claim to online market share and the competition is getting very aggressive for local advertising.

With so much happening in the digital world, what will be the trends that drive success in the year 2016?

Smarter Machine Learning

Dealing with so much of the data all at once and having to transfer it from one platform to another may seem like an uphill task. That is where the data marketers have it wrong. They are not required to become data scientists; instead, all that is expected of them is to improve their capability of machine learning. This is because the real power of machine learning is to ensure freeing up of resources and a greater consumer insight.

Mobile Stats 2016

Multimedia Convergence

There was the computer, and then there came the laptop and then there is also the smartphone. The last few years have seen a smartphone mobile revolution which has meant that a large number of consumers, nearly one-fourth, use more than two devices to interact with different channels. Hence, the challenge and the opportunity in 2016 will concern itself with being able to consolidate all the data under a single platform to guess the perfect time for consumer messages and the channels to use for this.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content is Still King

Do you pay an SEO company hundreds or thousands of dollars per month? Do they generate at least four 100% original articles that are regularly shared and gaining traffic? These two questions are normally answered I do not know. Being able to create relevant, personal and direct content that talks to the customer is a very important step for your brand and organic traffic.

The channels have continued to expand and change. Hence, there is a need for cross-channel strategies to be developed and the core of these strategies is optimized content. This is content that is distributed in multiple formats and optimized according to each channel, catering to all kinds of platforms and ensuring a smooth brand experience. The challenge that marketers face is on engagement of data to keep tabs on the outcomes and actions for greater personalization with time.

In the absence of tracking software, marketers will be unable to create campaigns that are directed at the customer and interact with them. With time, freedom of choice has seeped into the market and the consumer’s tastes vary widely now. You can no longer expect to meet everyone at one particular channel; neither can you force them to it. The strategy for 2016 is thus, to meet the customer wherever you find them and get your personalized message across to them on the channel of their choice.

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