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Outsourcing overseas - Stressed businessman
Outsourcing overseas - Stressed businessman
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Ahhh! Outsourcing Overseas

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Outsourcing Overseas

It may become more tempting for companies to consider outsourcing their IT as weak economies continue to worsen due to the heightening of energy costs. These services could be cloud-based providers, shopping in their own town, or looking for providers in a land far-off. While this has been a good idea for some companies, this has been a nightmare for others. There have been situations where outsourcing has caused failures leaving companies holding the bag and needing to fix the resulting problems.

Some of these problems include corrupt management, including management receiving a kickback from their landlords when the lease spaces, to a project being completely tanked due to high turnover. This often results in teams working on a project that are not consistent. Even though there is a good team present, a few months later, the team could have completely changed over.

When there is a panicked need for saving money, particularly when there is the compelling attraction of the “reduced priced” employment found in countries like China, the Philippines, and India. This type of appeal causes good executive decisions to go flying out the window and widespread problems to fly right in. Outsourcing doesn’t just happen and it certainly isn’t for the ill-prepared or the faint-of-heart.

This is mainly why having an understanding why outsourcing can have its problems before jumping right in could significantly reduce a company’s risk. This knowledge helps companies approach outsourcing with a clearer vision. When companies experience horrors in outsourcing, they have two commonalities: not enough communication and not enough preparation. There are a number of other factors that can worsen the situation, as well.

A lot of controversy surrounds the issue of outsourcing jobs to other countries considering how many Americans are unemployed within our own country’s borders. Many believe our own citizens need the financial stability rather than hiring people to complete these jobs in other countries. Some also believe that many Americans would not be using such welfare benefits such as food stamps or other assistance if these jobs were not outsources to workers in other countries.

There are others who believe that outsourcing will drive down the economy because, when outsourcing occurs, it takes jobs away from the working class. When there are no jobs available for the working class and many jobs available for the wealthy, then the economy deteriorates. This lends to the mentality that keeps the richer rich and the poorer poor. When jobs are taken away from the working class, then the “trickle-down effect” cannot occur. Where does this leave the trading of raw materials and other goods?

This leads us to the last point where consumers are upset about outsourcing. Why are consumers lead to a caller in another country when they try to reach someone in a call center? This is due to outsourcing by companies trying to save money. People who are trying to get their problems solved, their questions answered, or receive good customer service ultimately are not because they are speaking to someone who speaks broken English and cannot properly address the issues at hand.

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