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WooCommerce Coupon Management – Tutorial

Coupons are not only helpful in promoting your shop sales, but it is also the best way to handle your customers by offering them different packages and discounts along with rewards. If you are interested in using coupons with WooCommerce, then you have to allow it in WooCommerce. This article will provide step by step […]

WooCommerce Flat Rate Shipping – Tutorial

WooCommerce provides free shipping methods, and Flat Rate Shipping is one of them, in which you are allowed to define the standard rate based on per order, item or shipping class. In this article, we will be talking about Flat Rate Shipping that adds more power and flexibility by working with the Product Shipping Classes. […]

WordPress Support: Where to Find the Best Help

When you’re running a website, especially for a business, you need it to run smoothly. However, it’s a fact of life: sites will have issues, even when built professionally. You’ll run into bugs, strange lines of code messing up your site, and any number of trouble. At one point or another, you’ll find yourself in […]

WooCommerce PayPal Standard Setup Tutorial

In this WooCommerce tutorial, we will be reviewing the Paypal Standard Setup PayPal Standard brings the client to PayPal’s secure site from your website to complete the payment procedure for their product. This article will provide complete guidelines, including: Prerequisites Steps for configuration Frequently asked questions Conflicts Prerequisites There are some requirements for PayPal Standards […]

How to Align Sales and Marketing

Traditionally, business leaders have seen B2B as a completely separate thing from marketing. The focus has been on the former, while the latter can often be just an afterthought. This paradigm has been shifting for quite some time, and soon, any business that follows this outdated premise will get left behind. It’s become essential to […]