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AWS-LightSail- for-WordPress
AWS WordPress Hosting / AWS LightSail for WordPress: Is It the Right Choice for Your IoT Deployment or Company?
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AWS LightSail for WordPress: Is It the Right Choice for Your IoT Deployment or Company?

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Cloud computing services have been integral to any developing business. For those looking to take their IoT deployment for WordPress to another level, Amazon's latest cloud software, the AWS Lightsail, provides an easy approach for new cloud users. Newer companies and users that are looking to dip their toe into cloud computing can take advantage of the Virtual Private Server (VPS) functions, which can benefit them in numerous ways, but is it really the right choice? Let's break down the components of AWS Lightsail and if it is a suitable VPS.

The Importance of a VPS for a WordPress Site

Many younger businesses just starting out do not have Virtual Private Servers. But as they are becoming more crucial to how businesses manage their data, a VPS is a low-cost and effective approach. A Virtual Private Server is akin to a physical server that allows you to allocate resources for any job in a streamlined fashion. For the uninitiated, VPS falls under two distinct banners: Unmanaged VPS and Managed VPS. An Unmanaged VPS is the responsibility of the software owner. Amazon Lightsail is a Managed VPS. Therefore, it is not the client's worry to maintain it, for example, configuring, upgrading, or installing software.

About AWS Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail which can be used to host a WordPress website is a VPS service on the AWS cloud platform. With memory going from 512 MB up to 8 GB, data transfer allowance between 1 and 5 TB, and processes going between 1 and 2 cores, it is a comprehensive package, especially for those starting businesses looking to make their way protecting their data more comprehensively. It also includes a Virtual Machine (VM), which includes SSD storage, DNS (Domain Name System) management, data transfer options, and a static IP. It also includes the following features:

  • Simple and straightforward load balancing to make processes more efficient.
  • A powerful application programming interface (API) improves your ability to develop applications. It also allows you to integrate with external applications.
  • The console allows Secure Shell (SSH) access.
  • Additional access to other AWS services, such as CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) and managed databases.
  • Secure networking capabilities so you can configure the details to gain access through your IP address, DNS, and the firewall.

WordPress Amazon AWS Hight Traffic Hosting

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Why Should We Choose Amazon LightSail?

There are a wide variety of reasons to use Amazon Lightsail. It is an ideal beginner software for first-time cloud users and developers. Its benefits are as below:

  • A cheap subscription makes it affordable for most beginner businesses. It is free for the first month, and its cheapest cost is only $5 per month. Depending on the memory processor, SSD disk, and transfer options you need, it can go upwards, making it an ideal option for those who need to scale their business.
  • A wide variety of benefits from the AWS ecosystem, including technical and non-technical training, request marketing, and additional business support (as well as the opportunity to connect with other APM partners around the globe).
  • Simple to use interface. The UI runs through pre-installed software resulting in less confusion for those using it for the first time.
  • Familiarity with the Amazon brand. Companies or developers using AWS for developing applications or web hosting benefit from the tried-and-tested brand name, making it a more enticing prospect.
  • A very reliable system. Services are run through the Amazon infrastructure, which means the likelihood of replacement is slim.

Do I Need to Buy Amazon LightSail When I Have Amazon EC2?

Amazon Lightsail is a suitable option for the first time cloud user. Developers looking to test out any app prototypes or young businesses that need a limited dose of data protection will yield its benefits. However, the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) has long been the go-to option. If you have Amazon EC2, it's unlikely the Lightsail will meet your needs.

Amazon Lightsail is geared towards businesses and developers looking to start in cloud computing. Amazon Lightsail is used for simple web applications, whereas EC2 makes its mark on big enterprise web applications. Amazon EC2 works with numerous VMs. The larger-scale companies that have needed an infrastructure to use big data and analytics will find that Amazon Lightsail doesn't give them what they need.

However, Amazon Lightsail is fantastic for WordPress websites that use facilities such as WooCommerce and customized websites. Because Amazon Lightsail has one single VPS, when you compare this to the scale of Amazon EC2, this can leave the experienced business owner or developer disappointed. But for companies starting and app developers that need to prototype and layout a test environment, Amazon Lightsail is a fantastic, low-cost option. Therefore, it is ideal.


Overall, we like this product. It will not break new ground for established businesses, but for the first-time cloud users and developers out there, this is a perfect starting point. Startups and companies operating on a small scale will make the most of what Lightsail delivers. Due to its useability, easy interface, and scalability, the Amazon Lightsail software is an ideal stepping stone into cloud computing. Companies looking for a reliable provider may find themselves thinking twice about certain cloud providers. Still, due to Amazon's familiarity and scale, it is the perfect place to begin. As it has a simple UI, Amazon Lightsail can easily integrate your business into numerous benefits you may not have had before. Also, the AWS ecosystem provides great support, and its affordability, combined with the fact that it is easily scalable, makes it a great choice.

Companies, app developers, and small-scale production companies will benefit from its wide variety of resources. Still, those already au fait in the ways of Amazon EC2 will not need to acquaint themselves with this software. However, as a foundation for cloud computing, it provides the perfect entryway for anybody that has never learned how to look after their data. Also, those that thought cloud computing was a limited package that didn't have a wide variety of features may find themselves pleasantly surprised. Overall, we give it an impressive 4.5 stars.

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