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WooCommerce / Best WooCommerce Plugins for Marketing Automation

Best WooCommerce Plugins for Marketing Automation

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Now that you have WooCommerce installed and running on your WordPress website, you'll want to get as many people to your site as you can. Marketing is a powerful tool, and automated marketing is even more efficient as you can have programs do the most tedious parts of the job.

Marketing Automation Plugins

Some plug-ins that you may want to consider to help grow your site include:


  • AutomateWoo: This popular plug-in integrates easily with WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Memberships as well as MailChimp, Agile CRM, Twilio, and other software. It enables you to quickly and easily target current and potential customers through emails following up on purchases, reminding them of inactive carts, and offering personalized coupons and recommendations. You can also send SMS text messages. AutomateWoo can also respond to WooCommerce subscription changes and alert customers when products on their wishlists go on sale. You can also recognize your best clients with VIP status or offer rewards for reviews or feedback. Users can refer friends through an add-on module.

beeketing 1

  • WooCommerce Marketing Automation by Beeketing: Beeketing is a must-have marketing automation plugin to overcharge sales growth for WooCommerce online stores. This plugin has all the necessary tools to automate your marketing and sales funnel such as: upsell and cross-sell related products, personalized product sliders, automated follow up emails, free-gifts/ discount/ free-shipping promotions, exit-intent offers,… and many more. With AI embeded, Beeketing helps you track user behaviors, analyzes shopping patterns, and predicts future purchases to deliver the right offers to the right customers, at the right time. Now you have a data scientist working for you to increase conversions and boost online sales automatically.

  • Metrilo: This software integrates with WooCommerce to provide actionable analytics and increase sales. Metrilo builds complete customer profiles and operates as a fully featured CRM. The data tracked includes the acquisition source for each visit and how customers interact with your site. You can use this to create personalized marketing emails, target specific segments of your user base, and measure the ROI of each campaign or email effort. Metrilo also syncs with all orders and allows you to create your own tags and notes as needed.

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