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Wordpress / Best WordPress Plugins to Monitor Uptime and Downtime

Best WordPress Plugins to Monitor Uptime and Downtime

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Quite often, websites either fail to load at optimal speeds or randomly go offline at inconvenient or strange hours. In the most basic sense, this concept is what we refer to when looking at uptime and downtime in WordPress.

Ideally, a website has 100 percent uptime and zero percent downtime. While most website owners check on their websites by visiting directly, this method does not necessarily paint a complete picture of what is happening on the backend.

The Best WordPress Uptime and Downtown Monitoring Plugin Tools

The best WordPress uptime and downtime monitoring plugins can work across multiple types of websites and templates. These tools will alert you when your website goes up and down automatically.

Here are the top five uptime and downtime monitoring plugin tools:

Best Monitoring Plugin #1: Jetpack

Jeypack Monitoring Plugin

Jetpack is a free plug created by WordPress developers. Not only does it monitor your website's up and downtime, but it also informs you instantly through push or email notifications. You will also receive visitor reports, stats, and speed insights.

You can install Jetpack directly from the WordPress plugin store or do it through the website's plugin directory. It is easy to install Jetpack, and the plugin works with numerous themes.

Either you can install this plugin from WordPress official website or do it via the plugin directory of your website. Connect the installed plugin to to enable its features.

Best Monitoring Plugin #2: ManageWP

manageWP monitoring plugin

ManageWP is unique in that it offers several features that go beyond monitoring. It also supports restorations, backups, site management, and uptime/downtime monitoring.

There are free features associated with the plugin. However, there are upgrades available through a premium subscription to enhance your website's experience. Once you install this plugin, you can then start receiving email or SMS notifications regarding your uptime and downtime.

Installing ManageWP requires you to have the plugin and follow their step-by-step guide. ManageWP is easy to install and offers tons of features.

Best Monitoring Plugin #3: Uptime Robot

UptimeRobot monitoring plugin

Uptime Robot is an incredible WordPress plugin to monitor your uptime and downtime. It will check your website in five-minute internals throughout the day and night. Not only will it alert you when your website goes down, but you can also receive Twitter, push, and webhook notifications.

The plugin is free. However, you will need to purchase a premium plan if you wish to monitor more than fifty websites or to receive SMS messages. Uptime Robot premium plans are worth the features alone when using this plugin.

Best Monitoring Plugin #4: Pingdom

Pingdom monitoring plugin

Pingdom is a developer and publisher favorite. This plugin is one of the most popular and widely used methods for understanding how your website performs and the type of experience your visitors are receiving. This plugin has the capacity to check your website's uptime and downtime every minute and will dutifully alert you when an event occurs.

While Pingdom does come with a free 30-day trial, you will need to pay for its features thereafter. Pingdom plans start at $10 per month, and it is a cinch to install. You can even use it to monitor your site without having to install a plugin.

Best Monitoring Plugin #5: Super Monitoring

Super Monitoring monitoring plugin

Super Monitoring is a powerful tool to help you manage your WordPress website's uptime and downtime. The plugin also conveniently integrates into your WordPress dashboard. Like Pingdom, it allows you to check your website across intervals, even down to the minute.

The plugin also allows you to monitor your website's performance and Google Analytics. While there is a free trial, there is no free version. Plans begin at $5.99/month, which are perfect for freelancers, all the way up to $39.99/month for multiple sites.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

Server uptime and downtime monitoring plugin tools alert you quickly when your website is experiencing errors. You can also use the results to maintain and improve your web pages, server speeds, and user experience.

After installing any of the plugins mentioned earlier in this post, always give your website a few days to see its performance. You can use these results to help you determine which changes need to be made, if any. However, it would help if you used a monitoring tool since your website may go down more often than you realize.

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