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25 of the Best WordPress Website Designs Around the World

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When trying to grasp how many WordPress websites have been designed over the years it is hard to imagine there are an estimated 127 million WordPress websites around the world. Officially starting in 2003, WordPress has grown to be the largest CMS on the planet. Many people are drawn to this wonderful platform because it is open source and has one of the largest communities supporting the product.

With so many websites to choose from, we compiled a list of the largest and well rounded WordPress website designs out there for review:

  1. TechCrunch

Best WordPress Design - Tech Crunch

In 2018, TechCrunch made a bet to a more current approach to web design, changing up their site after five years. As one of the leading sources of tech-related news and think pieces, they aimed to elevate their visual concept. The result is a seamless site where content is a top priority. The aesthetic is minimalistic and as clean as it gets, allowing users to go from piece to piece quickly.

  1. The New Yorker

Best WordPress Design - The New Yorker

The New Yorker website easily reflects the feel of their iconic paper edition by making everything broad. When you go to the main site, your entire screen will be full of content. You can easily handpick where you're going, helped by large fonts, thumbnails, and the occasional animation. It feels like what the brand has always been: a space for cultural insights.

  1. The New York Times Company

Best WordPress Design - The New York Times Company

A beautiful and broad website, The New York Times Company's site slides from story to story, with images taking center stage. Whether you're looking at a photograph or a short video on their homepage, it's the visuals that will entrance you. A great way to showcase the power of visual storytelling from one of the most crucial mass media companies on Earth.

  1. Reuters Blogs

Best WordPress Design - Reuters Blog

Text, but make it fashion - that seems to be the force behind Reuters Blogs. As a world-famous source of opinion pieces, it's undoubtedly the best choice. Visitors can easily read the basics of each article without delving too deep, to make an informed decision regarding reading.

  1. Boingo

Best WordPress Design - Boingo

Boingo provides a particular service for its users: mobile Internet access for devices. As such, people who visit their site will usually want more information about their different plans. The Boingo website makes things smooth by marking their different modalities right at the center of their homepage. You can choose between their plans on the spot, without having to navigate much. Web design companies dream of sites that as to-the-point and straightforward like this.

  1. Sweden’s Official Website

Best WordPress Design - Sweden’s Official Website

The official website for the country of Sweden is the perfect model for a tourism site. Full of images representing landscapes and scenes from Sweden, it's a leisurely "tour" around the country. They have easy-to-access sections on events, culture, traditions, and even business. Tidbits about the country's all-around richness are everywhere, with lots of easy-to-chew listicles. The setup makes it easy for visitors to fall in love with Sweden and learn more about the country.

  1. SAP News Center

Best WordPress Design - SAP News Center

SAP is one of the most important software companies in the world, an essential piece of multiple processes in many industries. However, SAP also offers specialized services, and the company's serious image can be intimidating. The visually pleasing SAP News Center website is a step towards making the German company's image more approachable. Bright colors, intuitive menus with lots of info, and straightforward placement are the foundation of this site.

  1. Arctic Cool

Best WordPress Design - Arctic CoolAn activewear company will always target active users, and Arctic Cool implemented that mechanic to its web design. Their homepage quickly presents users with everything new and exciting going on the brand. Presented as a product page, it's effortless on the eyes and allows you to scroll down to featured posts. An excellent solution for active audiences.

  1. Quartz

Wordpress Design - Quartz

Quartz audience visits the website mostly from mobile devices, and the design accommodates that. Responsive to different screen sizes and light to the touch, articles seamlessly pop into the screen like thought bubbles. Scrolling down, you'll find different-sized thumbnails, which helps keep the look interesting.

  1. The Rolling Stones

Best WordPress Design - The Rolling Stones

One of the most iconic rock bands of all time, the Stones' website is as fun as you'd like it to be. Bright colors are prominent, and the homepage showcases the newest things about the band, including easy access to tour tickets. Inviting and smooth to navigate around merch and beyond, you couldn't ask for more from a rock band site.

  1. Raptis Rare Books

Best WordPress Design - Raptis Rare Books

Raptis Rare Books is the perfect example of how websites should be inviting to the specific audience they are targeting. While we'd generally discourage putting a lot of text in homepages, readers are their target here. Visitors are looking for first editions, and rare book finds of all types; these people enjoy the written word. Letters fit prominently into the design, and you'll find a lot of info.

  1. Staples Canda Blog

Best WordPress Design - Staples Canda BlogInstead of focusing solely on stationary, the Staples Canada blog is all about improving businesses. Listicles about productivity abound, and it's effortless to go from one to the next. From their trending pieces to more in-depth posts, you'll get a natural look from the outside and a large screen when you're inside each article.

  1. BBC America

Best WordPress Design - BBC AmericaFollowing the idea that websites should be friendly to the specific type of user they serve, BBC America's is on the right track. Media takes protagonism on their homepage, with beautiful and colorful pictures as thumbnails. You can seamlessly access featured videos and episodes directly from the home, for all types of content. Catering precisely to their audience.

  1. Pulse by Target

Best WordPress Design - Pulse by Target

Target is one of the biggest retailers in the world, which makes it an exciting place to work. With that idea, the company created the Pulse blog for candidates looking to start their Target career. Pulse is natural on the eyes, with to-the-point and straightforward web design. It showcases some of the latest posts from workers of different levels within the company, explaining how life is inside Target. The design makes it easy to look into the different areas of the Target experience, with lots of quality content to showcase it.

  1. Wolverine Worldwide

Best WordPress Design - Wolverine Worldwide

A traditional company with such a straightforward product as shoes has no business bringing unnecessary gimmicks to its website. Wolverine Worldwide understands that, and their website is a simple trip around the company and its many aspects. Everything you need to know is within reach, unbothered by unnecessary extras. The fact that the color palette is smooth on the eyes certainly helps drive the point across.

  1. Facebook Newsroom

Best WordPress Design - Facebook Newsroom

Stemming from one of the most important Internet companies in the world, Facebook Newsroom is understandably a significant source of online data. For starters, the site is heavily customizable: you'll reach the version made for your region. Interestingly enough, the content varies from region to region, even beyond merely changing languages. There's a real effort in bringing the Facebook experience closer to users, and that includes the easy-to-navigate site that mimics the look of Facebook.

  1. Fish Monkey Gloves

Best WordPress Design - Fish Monkey Gloves

Colorful and fun are the two best adjectives to describe the Fish Monkey Gloves web design. Their business is fishing gear, and the brand focuses on active people who love the great outdoors. Amusing caricatures and beautiful fishing pictures take center stage on this website, while also leaving all essential information readily available. The look is a little striking without reaching overbearing levels, just like the outdoors it represents.

  1. PlayStation.Blog

Best WordPress Design - PlayStation.Blog

If there's a brand that can't get away with having a stale-looking website, it's Playstation. The company blog is full of essential news from the platform, the gaming industry in general and all-around technology. It's an ode to geekdom in all its forms: an explosion of color, showcasing the most impressive current graphics. A visit will make you want to experience everything new going on in the network, so it certainly fulfills its aim.

  1. Bloomberg Professional

Best WordPress Design - Bloomberg Professional

Offering services for decision-makers and companies, the Bloomberg Professional manages to showcase gravitas. The black background with white words gives the website an air of elegance, only improved by the ease of movement. Visitors can go over their cursor to find a myriad of services and choices for many types of businesses. Finding information on the site is a seamless experience, appreciated in the business sphere of their potential (and current) clients.

  1. Bata

Best WordPress Design - BataThe Bata website has a beautiful intro video showing off the lifestyle they've associated with wearing their shoes. Once you've specified your location, (they have site versions for numerous countries around the world), you'll get a broad and comfortable homepage. You'll find the featured shoe models of the season here, in large and easy-to-read banners. Interestingly enough, they've adapted the design of the homepage to each country, for a unique look on each. Their corporate website is also a design dream, with large and beautiful images with lots of red, the company website.

  1. Marks & Spencer for Business

Best WordPress Design - Marks & Spencer for Business Inside BlackBerry

Marks & Spencer for Business focuses on providing corporate gift solutions, and its site is an excellent example of how to showcase a high-end brand to new audiences. M&S gives businesses everything they might need to know at the very homepage; there's no need to dig deeper. In tune with their brand, the design is smooth, showing the lifestyle associated with their high-quality products. An earthy palette is a perfect finish to the high-end look.

  1. Inside BlackBerry

Best WordPress Design - Inside BlackBerryOnce a staple of smartphones, Blackberry has pivoted its focus to security software. Online safety is their primary concern, which their website does an excellent job in showing. The blog content focuses on security on all aspects of online life. The design of their site is severe, wasting no effort in gimmicks. The design contrasts black and white, giving out a feeling of security, just as intended.

  1. cPanel Blog

Best WordPress Design - cPanel Blog

Wide, friendly, and all-in-one, the cPanel Blog is a smooth introduction to the company's services. While this is a technical blog, it doesn't shy away from keeping things light, even showcasing the company mascot, a Sphynx cat. Everything is accessible from the homepage, steered by large thumbnails with fun images. Very tech-savvy and pleasant.

  1. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Best WordPress Design - The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Much like the subject it deals with, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog is a very sober site. That's not to say it isn't interesting. The layout allows visitors to dig a little deeper into the legal happenings of today, without having to delve into the overly technical. A blog by lawyers and made for other lawyers and those interested in the law, it's a smooth-looking way to learn more about what's happening in this world.

  1. Boston Market

Best WordPress Design - Boston Market

Bright, fun, and tasty is what you get when you enter the Boston Market homepage. The color scheme following the brand's hues (red and black) accompanies large and scrumptious-looking foodstuffs, in succession. Their most popular products and menus are easily accessible through big banners, while the company's info (such as menu and catering) awaits above in a straightforward setting. Just delicious.

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