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Marketing Sales or Conversion Funnel
What is Conversion Optimization?
July 10, 2014
Conversion Rate Optimization Defined There are many different ways to describe and understand conversion rate optimization or CRO.  The easiest way to understand it is as follows.  You have a site that people visit.  If people are interested in what you are selling they will make a purchase.  If not they will most likely leave […]
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What is your story?
The Guide to Content Marketing
June 22, 2014
Getting Started on a Good Guide to Content Marketing Writing good, solid content is foundational for an excellent content marketing program.  Otherwise your information will just get lost in the shuffle that is know as the internet.  So how do you do it?  How do you write consistent, engaging, informative content that people want to read?  […]
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Content Marketing
What is Content Marketing?
June 10, 2013
Introduction to Content Marketing When the internet first came into itself, paid advertising was king and content marketing was virtually non-existent. Every time you logged on banner ads were everywhere, their animated gifs littering the screen. Then... Google happened and the internet grew up a bit. It become more innovative, more intelligent, more organic. Paid […]
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