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PPC & Content Marketing Strategies
Content Marketing / Building a Combined PPC and Content Marketing Strategy

Building a Combined PPC and Content Marketing Strategy

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Content Marketing is now a constant need in every company’s digital strategy. Doing it within budget is hard enough, doing it the right away too might be one of the hardest challenges companies are facing. The organic benefits and customer appreciation make it well worth the effort, and Content marketing is one of the biggest components in today’s SEO needs.

In a nutshell, Content marketing has brought back the internet to real advertising and digging deep into the who, what and why of customer’s purchases. With this in mind, PPC campaigns are starting to change. Pay Per Click firms have to take notice on how they can build better strategies to support content marketing.


  1. Which Geographic location would be the most interested in the content produced?
  2. Who is interested in the type offers or promotions?
  3. What is the message or offer and does it apply to the demographic?
  4. What does the client or customer say about the product?

By asking these key question you can then have the information you need to create well rounded landing pages. These landing pages target the users and provides them with relevant information for which they have been searching.

Sound simple, right? Not really. In order to really answer these questions, there is a lot of —you guessed it— data that has to be gathered.


  1. What is the Voice of the company, the brand or the product. Or even better, do you have your brand guidelines ready?
  2. Is Google Analytics installed with demographic reporting turned on? has it been running for at least 30 days?
  3. Is there a third-party review system installed on the site?
  4. Are all the social channels established for the brand?
  5. Do you have an editorial calendar? And have been producing content for more than 60 days?

If the necessary data is not collected prior to building out the PPC or Content Marketing strategy, then expect to be spending a lot more in the period of optimizing conversions and sales. See Conversion Testing and Optimization.

So let’s say that you have all questions answered, and in fact have the necessary data collected. This is where things start to get complicated. When doing content marketing, your content will be feeding multiple channels. You will want to interpret individual groups as separate channels, allowing you to focus on who will benefit the most, which location will be the most saturated, and what information is relevant to the offer or promotion. At Bright Vessel, what we would do is establish two campaigns that will be running in parallel to each other.

  1. Content Campaign:

  2. Articles, videos, infograms, interviews, guides, reviews etc. would be served to the various content channels like Newswire, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on. A media budget would be established, we tend to do 30% of the entire online marketing for sponsoring content posts in these channels.

    Landing pages would be created to cater to the offer by adding call to action elements in the rights places. The main goal would be to convert visitors into subscribers, then subscribers into customers. Performing tests is always the key to getting this right. See AB Testing for more details.

  3. PPC Campaign:

  4. Relevancy is always key in generating a well-rounded PPC campaign. The added benefits of content on the site will help provide higher quality keyword rating and improve the Click Through Ratio (CTR). It will also give the added benefit of providing information that can be tested for the different buyer personas that exist.

    Landing pages would also be created for each promo. Do not send a list of 500 words to one page unless you really want to waist money. We’d much rather take the search term that is most relevant to the content to build out ad groups, with specific ads for specific pages. I believe I said this already but here it is again: perform tests on the PPC Landing pages to get it right. See AB Testing for more details.

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