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Why Your Business Website Design Matters
Why Your Business Website Design Matters
Graphic Design / Why Your Business Website Design Matters

Why Your Business Website Design Matters

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Attracting visitors to your website is vital. You want the site to be found by search engines, and you want as many hits to your site as possible. But you cannot afford to stop there. It doesn’t help if thousands of people visit your site, but no one stays on it for less than a few seconds.

Here's where the importance of effective website design enters the picture. A good website design retains visitors and encourages them to use your services, buy your products or benefit from whatever your site's purpose might be.

It becomes as important as high rankings in the search engines. Indeed, the two work together in tandem to create an excellent site.

Here are ways in which you can ensure that the business website impact that you establish serves your purposes, operates efficiently, and yields results.

  • Reach all devices

You want to make sure that your site works efficiently on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, as well as on desktop computers and laptops.

Your web design for business needs to be built so that it looks great wherever and however it is accessed. Depending on the nature of your website design, achieving such effectiveness might mean that the site has to be designed differently for a mobile device than the design for a computer. Expecting the same site to appear the same on any device is possible, but in most cases will not look right or work well on either the mobile device or the computer. In some cases, the design for a phone might even have to be different than that for a tablet, such as the iPad.

In many cases, you will need to redesign the content where necessary depending on the width of the screen on the device on which it is viewed.

Any design must not only be adaptive but also regularly tested to make sure it is working appropriately.

  • Establish trust

You want people to see your business website as trustworthy. Engendering such trust is essential when scams are abundant, and users get the impression that with one click someone can steal their identity. The way a web design for business is constructed must create a feeling of confidence.

Designing such a site has a lot to do with the use of the right colors and images, but above all, it depends on a designer’s skill in using them correctly. Just by looking at a site which might otherwise be well designed may lead some people to say, “I don’t trust it.” Clearly, such a design must be avoided.

  • Use the right colors

Some colors work better than others in some scenarios. Blue is usually associated with trustworthiness. Red is associated with aggressiveness. A site that uses a lot of vivid colors in a jumbled layout can look suspicious.

Bright colors might be suitable for a website selling children’s toys, whereas, the use of more subtle colors might be appropriate for a financial institution.

At the other end of the spectrum, a lack of color can render a website dull and unexciting.

The designer must use color to create the best business website impact appropriate with the company.

  • Keep it simple

A simple design wins every time over a complex site that is difficult to navigate. It is always better to present less information in an easy-to-read fashion.

Anything that looks a little imposing will turn off many viewers.

Remember, too, that the print should be large enough to read. Unless it is possible on the website to adjust the size of the letters, you need to err on the side of making the print a little too big rather than so small that people whose eyesight is not as good will be unable to read it.

  • Reinforce your brand

Your logo and company colors are important for business website impact. Incorporating them will provide a consistent look and feel to your website that will tie in with your presence elsewhere. Your brand will be instantly recognizable on your storefront (if relevant), on fliers, or on signs.

If your company does not have a logo or theme colors, create them.

  • Create quality content

Quality content is equally essential in retaining potential customers. It is another step in the overall process.

First, good placement on the search engines persuades users to click on your site. Second, attractive web design encourages them to stay on the site and look around. Third, relevant, useful, and unique content passes on the message that you wish to convey.

Web content should be compelling, informative, understandable, and clear. It must pull in readers and retain their interest throughout the text.

  • Ensure fast loading of site

Another obstacle on your way to an effective web presence is slow loading. Your site can have the best search placement, be highly attractive and use great content, but if users have to wait what seems like an eternity for the site to load, they might well abandon the attempt.

The slow loading often relates to the web design. It could be that you put unnecessary large image files; images at 300 dpi or more are unnecessary as most screens can display only 72 dpi to 96 dpi, for example. All the extra pixels do is slow down your site’s loading.

  • Browsing must be intuitive

A good website design is easy to navigate. Your visitors need to find their way through your website easily and quickly, or you’d lose them in no time. It’s worth asking someone who hasn’t been to your business website to explore your pages and get constructive feedback. If there’s anything that the person finds difficult to reach or simply did not realize was even there, then it may be a good idea to ask your website designer to do appropriate changes.

  • Selling features must work well

If you employ e-Commerce on your site, make sure nothing goes wrong with the buying experience. Avoid anything that makes the buyer nervous or goes nowhere when you click on what seemed to be a relevant button.

You will not only lose sales but will put off potential buyers forever. Again, it helps to have an outside person less familiar with computers to check out the system and see whether it works for them.

  • Make the site easy to maintain

An out-of-date website makes your company also appear out of date and incompetent. It would be totally irrelevant to continue wishing users a Happy New Year in February, keep your copyright information at last year’s date or, worse yet, provide a telephone number that no longer works.

For a content marketing strategy that will enable you to establish an effective web presence and provide excellent content for your site, contact us at Bright Vessel today

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