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Category: AWS WordPress Hosting

AWS-LightSail- for-WordPress
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AWS LightSail for WordPress: Is It the Right Choice for Your IoT Deployment or Company?
November 21, 2020
Cloud computing services have been integral to any developing business. For those looking to take their IoT deployment for WordPress to another level, Amazon's latest cloud software, the AWS Lightsail, provides an easy approach for new cloud users. Newer companies and users that are looking to dip their toe into cloud computing can take advantage […]
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High Scalable Wordpress Architecture
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WordPress AWS Hosting - Migrating a High-Performance & High-Traffic WordPress Site to AWS
July 15, 2019
If you’ve been running your site on WordPress for a while and have done things right, you might have a high-performance and high-traffic website on your hands. When you’re looking to migrate to Amazon Web Services, that could mean a potential headache. Migrating a large site with a lot of content and movement might seem […]
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