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How to Manage Social Media As a Business During a Tragedy
June 15, 2022
Social media can be a tricky place for businesses. One false move and you can end up with a lot of negative feedback from the public. That is especially true when people look for someone to blame in times of tragedy. This article will discuss how businesses handle their social media during tragedy, and we […]
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Email Marketing for Online Stores
March 28, 2022
New technologies have helped improve digital advertisement, enabling advertisers to create more unique marketing concepts. Technological advancement has also enabled online stores to reach a broader target market through email marketing and social media platforms, targeting customers and prospects with a razor-sharp focus. Read on to find out how to craft a great email marketing […]
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What Are SEO Stop Words?
March 18, 2022
A search engine optimizes its database for each search by removing certain words from results. These words are known as "stop words." The primary purpose of these stop words is to make it easier for a person to browse through a website's content. For example, "how" and "the" would be removed because they do not pertain to […]
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How to Create a Successful WordPress Blog in 2022
January 12, 2022
WordPress is a powerhouse for building top-notch websites for a wide range of use cases. WordPress is a great platform for creating profitable websites and blogs. These include business, marketing, personal blogs. WordPress powers over a third of websites used today, making it the most popular website builder platform on the planet. However, WordPress does […]
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How To Improve Your WordPress Site's SEO
October 20, 2021
There are some people who will tell you that SEO is dead. They say content and quality have edged out search engine optimization, and you'd be better off spending your money there. However, while it's true that search engines have changed their algorithms to focus more on quality and user experience, which doesn't mean search […]
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7 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Interesting and Engaging
October 15, 2018
As a brand, you’re making an extra effort in creating great content for your website’s blog. You’re adding relevant and interesting posts, and maybe you’ve even hired a professional writer. However, your great new content seems to go unnoticed. There are always little improvements you can make for a better read! For well over a […]
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What is Corner Stone SEO
What is Cornerstone SEO
October 8, 2017
It’s a well-known fact that first impressions cannot be taken back. While this applies to face-to-face meetings and job interviews, it can apply to websites as well. Think about when you visit a site for the first time. If you have a hard time navigating the site or trying to figure out what it’s all […]
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How to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2017
May 5, 2017
By now, content marketing is an established part of building your online presence. If you want to build on your current content strategy for 2017 or if you are new to publishing content, then this post will give you some crucial content marketing tips for how to tap into this marketing strategy. The theme will […]
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Winning Tactics for Content Marketing
Winning Tactics for Content Marketing
March 8, 2017
Building a content marketing strategy is tough. It’s time-consuming, and if not implemented correctly, can ultimately not get you where you want to go - or possibly, anywhere at all! This article offers some content marketing tips you can use to make sure your online content is both consistent and impactful. Document Your Strategy According […]
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Why a Content Marketing Strategy is a Must Have
November 18, 2016
Consumers are bombarded with marketing content and all types of advertisements. If your company still focuses on the more-is-better method for your content marketing strategy, it may not lead you to where you want to get to. Content still rules. It just requires a new focus to be most effective. To attract the most leads, […]
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Social Media Content Calendar Examples and Templates
June 24, 2016
It's vital that you take some time to plan out your content in advance in a social media content calendar. There's nothing worse than sitting in front of the computer to connect with your audience and having nothing to say. One of the biggest parts of your content marketing strategy is having something to share […]
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Why Content Rules the World
October 30, 2015
Content rules digital marketing today is because businesses use websites and blogs as a platform to advertise their niches and spread brand awareness. The world has changed radically concerning marketing strategies as everyone wants something new now and then. It is all about offering something different to your customers to get noticed and remembered. A […]
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