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Category: Conversion Optimization

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10 Rules for AB Testing
August 10, 2018
When thinking about digital marketing, AB testing is one of the most useful tools to optimize your conversions. It is simple, effective and non-biased. As you might want to generate revenue for you, this should be your creative tool to achieve that. AB testing will help you convert the exciting traffic into sales. But, to […]
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AB Button Color Test for Conversion Optimization
December 23, 2015
Creating an AB button color test is very simple, and, in some cases, results can be surprising. What color a button should have on a website has been one of the long-standing debates in the world of conversion optimization. There are trends in society that are based on color. In fact, apart from the standard […]
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3 Reason Why you Should Not be Testing
October 29, 2015
There are not many reasons to not be testing. As a matter of fact, we struggled to come up with a third reason. The benefits of running even the simplest of tests are so impactful that there need to be very significant and potentially dangerous environments for testing not to be worthwhile. If you find […]
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Conversion Optimization Strategies
October 28, 2015
Although testing your marketing strategies is important to optimize your conversion ratios, you cannot just stretch the testing phase for months, or test each and every product before you launch it on your web storefront. You only need to test those things that do matter, in ways that will make a difference. In this article […]
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Lead Generation
Create a Great Lead Generation Website
April 21, 2015
You can only receive leads that are as good as the website producing them. The good news is web-building is neither time-consuming nor overwhelming anymore. Simply look at examples of good lead generation converting websites to see what is working and, most importantly, why it is working. Examine the following tips to see proven lead […]
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Conversion Funnel
Tips on the Conversion Funnel and LIFT Model
March 13, 2015
Constructing a funnel that converts is the aim of internet marketing. It provides leads and customers, the lifeblood of ecommerce. One of the most effective methods for constructing a conversion funnel that is optimized for greater conversions is called the LIFT model. Here is an overview of how to put it together and test it. […]
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Designing with Data in Mind
October 2, 2014
When you are working on content marketing and designing your advertising campaigns, you often have your frame of mind focused on getting that customer and sale. However, it goes far beyond a single transaction. While a deal is great, building a long customer relationship is even better. The more you know your customers, the more […]
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ROI Analysis
Should you pay for traffic to better your ROI?
August 25, 2014
Have you been wondering what is the best method for getting the most out of your ROI? Business owners spend a lot of time thinking about how to get the best ROI and online marketing is all about calculating your investments versus returns. Let's look at how to determine how to calculate this ROI and […]
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PPC Advertising
Conversion Optimization and PPC
August 1, 2014
Something to Consider Numerous articles have been written on conversion optimization and ppc.  Articles on how to do it, what it is, how to do it effectively, and so on and so forth.  Usually the focus is on converting site visitors into customers.  The goal of any business is always to generate cold leads into […]
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Marketing Sales or Conversion Funnel
What is Conversion Optimization?
July 10, 2014
Conversion Rate Optimization Defined There are many different ways to describe and understand conversion rate optimization or CRO.  The easiest way to understand it is as follows.  You have a site that people visit.  If people are interested in what you are selling they will make a purchase.  If not they will most likely leave […]
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