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Learn to Add Interactive Content to a WordPress Site
May 4, 2022
WordPress is an excellent platform for creating websites and blogs. It is easy to use and allows you to write content, publish it, and even add interactive features. However, adding interactive features to WordPress sites can be challenging and frustrating. You may need some help, especially if you are a computer novice. This article will […]
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How to Create a Successful WordPress Blog in 2022
January 12, 2022
WordPress is a powerhouse for building top-notch websites for a wide range of use cases. WordPress is a great platform for creating profitable websites and blogs. These include business, marketing, personal blogs. WordPress powers over a third of websites used today, making it the most popular website builder platform on the planet. However, WordPress does […]
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How To Improve Your WordPress Site's SEO
October 20, 2021
There are some people who will tell you that SEO is dead. They say content and quality have edged out search engine optimization, and you'd be better off spending your money there. However, while it's true that search engines have changed their algorithms to focus more on quality and user experience, which doesn't mean search […]
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How to Scan for Malicious Code on Your WordPress Site
May 20, 2021
With the advancement in tech, it's time we admit there will be an increase in cybercrimes. Hackers are inventing methods to compromise your site's security and steal your information. Some of their hacking strategies include injecting malicious codes or scripts into your WordPress code. Others can use brute force to hack your site. Well, the […]
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How To Set Up Google Analytics For WooCommerce
January 2, 2021
In the following step by step guide, you will learn how to set up the free plugin Google Analytics Integration tool for WooCommerce. A tool that will allow you to collect valuable data that can be used to inform your business decisions better. Not to mention improve your customers’ experiences each time they visit your […]
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How to Disable XMLRPC.PHP in WordPress
January 27, 2020
A security audit we perform on every site we manage is the disabling of xmlrpc.php in WordPress. What Is xmlrpc.php? WordPress includes a feature called XML-RPC that enables data to be transmitted by HTTP and XML to encode the data. The issue with security is that it allows you to access a website from any […]
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Why You Should Disable Theme and Plugin Built-in Editor in WordPress
March 26, 2018
One glaring security risk is the editor, which is enabled by default in the backend of WordPress. If this setting is enabled, any admin user can access the theme and plugin files. So if a hacker gets access, they can inject havoc into your site and easily exploit it. A complete breakdown of this function […]
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