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Combining Facebook and Adwords for Better Advertisement

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To combine Google´s reach and Facebook´s opportunities seem to be a powerful tool to advertise. These two platforms used together can create a better chance to get beyond the expected.

According to Kenshoo´s study, those paid audience segments exposed to Facebook publicity tend to generate a 30% more, alongside a lower cost per acquisition.

Improve your Adword Visibility by Converting Facebook Audience Member

It is known that driving a repeat purchase is easier than gaining a brand new customer, so now you can use Facebook and AdWords to capitalize on this concept. What is more, it is possible to increase your visibility on Adwords by incrementing your bids.

This idea would be great when the searching is done from someone who is already part of your Facebook Audience.

How to do it?

  • Run your Facebook ads and once you have data, decide which is your top converting Facebook ad set;
  • Tag the URLs in this ad set with Google Analytics UTM tracking code, using one of the tag elements to label it as ‘top converter’;
  • Create a remarketing list in Google Analytics based on the traffic source matching the Top Converters campaign;
  • Apply this list as an RLSA across your desired search campaigns.

It can be used for brands that handle a high volume of conversions from Facebook ads, and it can also be layered alongside other RLSA bid adjustments for your  PPC converters.

Boost your Facebook Audience While Using Gmail Sponsored Promotions

This tactic involves Gmail Sponsored Promotions using Customer Match targeting and Facebook ads using Custom Audiences. It gives you the possibility of segmenting your mailing list in Facebook in order to get the users in one ad set and the rest in another one.

By using it higher bids in the ad might be set for people on your mailing list who are Gmail users, so you get to know that they are closer to purchase. This segmentation shows your Gmail users a different message on Facebook from the rest of your list.

How to do it?

  • Set up Gmail Sponsored Promotions targeting your mailing list
  • Create a Facebook Custom Audience using the same mailing list that you used to create your AdWords Customer Match audience
  • Create your Facebook ad set targeting the custom audience, and layer on behavioral targeting for Gmail users
  • Create another ad set on Facebook which targets your mailing list, but this time exclude Gmail users and lower the bid on this ad set because this audience has not been primed with GSPs

Use Video on Facebook and YouTube to Lead to Purchase

Resorting to video using can lead users to purchase because they might reach them at different stages. Using Facebook and YouTube videos together may improve your potential customers on their way to purchase. The platform would show them entertainment brand-centric content, and then, some products focused on searching for more information.

How to do it?

  • Create video Ad set on Facebook with an ad featuring entertaining brand content, and tag the landing page URL with UTM parameters;
  • Set up a Remarketing list in Google Analytics that includes traffic only from this campaign;
  • Create a YouTube campaign on AdWords and target users on the remarketing list you have just created, showing them a video ad which is a bit more product focussed.
  • To be successful try to keep Facebook´s video as short as possible, long videos might bore the user, and so it would not catch their attention, so results are not going to be what you expected.

Find New Potential Buyers on Facebook

Expand your reach and target new users by tagging the traffic you might get from the new customers gained through Facebook campaigns. After that, you can target them using Remarketing Lists for search ads.

How to do it?

  • Create a Facebook campaign designed to target new potential customers;
  • Tag that campaign with UTM tags so if the user clicks the ads it’ll be recorded in Google Analytics under a particular campaign name;
  • Create a remarketing list in Google Analytics which consists of traffic from this specific Facebook campaign;
  • Create a search ads campaign which includes very ‘top-of-the-funnel’ keywords, and lots of sensible, broad / modified broad keywords;
  • Apply the RLSA list to the ad groups in your search campaign, choosing the target and bid setting.

Creating Ad Text for Search Ads

To give your audience, an exclusive promotion is a positive way to try and test a new method to tempt people to convert. In this way, you have the possibility of ensuring the Adwords search ad and any Facebook´s specific promotions that are being offered.

How to do it?

  • Create a Facebook ad set that promotes the offer, and tag this ad set with UTM tracking that references the campaign
  • Create a list of Google Analytics that includes traffic from this Facebook ad set (segmented using the UTM tag you created)
  • Create a search ad campaign (or duplicate your existing search ad campaign) which includes ad text that contains an offer or message specifically for your Facebook audience.
  • Apply your remarketing list as an audience to that campaign, choosing the ‘target and bid‘ option, so it’s secured to only show to users who match your remarketing list when they search
  • Any users who clicked your ad on Facebook promoting the offer will now also see text ads that reference the same offer.

Facebook and AdWords Ads´Targeting

Facebook has developed accuracy and effectiveness of its lookalike audience regarding targeting. It was due to the fact that they have a lot of information about their users. Likewise, Google seems to be the best at searching methods. It would be a huge plus if you could combine Facebook's lookalike targeting and Google's search network as to reach a bigger audience.

How to do it?

  • Create your custom audience on Facebook;
  • Create several lookalikes of this audience on Facebook;
  • Run Website ads on Facebook, targeting the lookalike audience;
  • Create remarketing lists in Google Analytics based on the UTM tags for the lookalike audience ad set;
  • Create a search campaign of ‘top of the funnel’ keywords. The users are not likely to be searching directly for your product or service yet and are more likely to be searching using top-of-the-funnel keywords;
  • Set the ad groups in this search campaign to ‘target and bid’.

If you are able to combine Facebook and Adwords, you would probably get excellent results for your advertising.

If you need to develop a strategy which combines the best in Social and Search, give us a call.

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