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Digital Marketing / Digital Marketing Millennials – A New Challenge Today

Digital Marketing Millennials – A New Challenge Today

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Digital Marketing Millennials can be challenging because they're sort of a special breed of their own. They know what they want when they want it, and how to get it, which is why this particular generation is a challenge for marketers all around the world. How do you intrigue and engage such a diverse and demanding crowd?

Since they were born in the digital era, there’s no use of trying to manipulate them, because they know what they are doing. They’ve grown up analyzing, comparing, criticizing and rejecting. Because of this, they are truly a tough crowd. Nevertheless, you can’t avoid them. You need to indulge them if you want to sustain a business. But how do you do this?

Here are the essentials of digital marketing millennials. If you find a hole in your millennial marketing tactic, start filling it up with smart solutions, because Millennials are quick to find faults and will spare no one.

digital marketing millennials - email marketing girl

Re-activate E-mail Marketing

The belief that social media has run over e-mail marketing and left it in the dust is not entirely true. This generation checks their e-mails regularly and usually in search for promotional offers. Emails are great for communication; they are more personal due to the one on one approach while social media gives you the opportunity to get your hands on an excellent e-mail subscriber list. Once you get millennials on this list, it’s just a matter of creating eye-catching, quality content that you will send out to your prospects. Statistics has shown that, although this generation uses social media for communication with friends and family, they are far less likely to use it for communication with a brand. This is where e-mail marketing kicks in!

Indulge Their Savvy Tooth

The millennials want to optimize their purchases, and they aren’t afraid to be frugal. While you’re sending out your e-mails, include offers and deals that are going to go easy on their wallets. Brand loyalty is great, but if they can pinch a few pennies here and there, they will do it. Sales and discounts are the keys to satisfying the millennials, but be careful. They are hooked to deals, not discounts. The way you package your promotion depends on whether they will accept it or not. This generation doesn’t like to hear the word discount, although they love to get one. They like to receive value and make a deal with you, and by doing so, feel fulfilled that they’re getting that’s worth their while. Target their savvy tooth with careful wording.

Pay Attention to Word of Mouth

This generation appreciates honesty and relies a lot, on what their peers have to say. If they hear or see a good review, they are more likely to purchase a product or use a particular service. Because this generation doesn’t trust easily, they depend largely on the word of mouth. Try to maintain a good reputation, which will, in turn, attract more people to your brand.

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 Invest in Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors aren’t necessarily celebrities, in fact, the Millennials couldn’t care less about them. They want to engage and interact with a person who isn’t endorsed by a company and speaks from their experience. If you focus on finding millennials who are great enthusiasts of your brand and are willing to speak for it, you’re in great luck, because their peers will listen to them and let themselves be guided by them. Similar to real word of mouth, brand ambassadors are an excellent way to form an honest and personal relationship between the customer and the brand.

Although digital marketing Millennials can seem challenging, if you scratch the surface, you’ll find that there are ways to satisfy the generation that is, at the same time, your biggest friend and greatest enemy. Apply these marketing tactics to make sure that this generation is on your side.

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