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Does the Adwords Location Extension Work?

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The location extension feature allows you to advertise on Google Places. The user's location is taken into account as well as location keywords. Searchers will be able to see the phone number, address, and a “directions” link.

If you're about start a Google Adwords campaign or currently have one running. Be sure to check how the Google locations extension is working for you. You might be surprised by digging deeper into the data.

First, you need to ask the following question:

Do I want to pay for my customers to find directions easily to my store?

Do I want to pay for clicks on a directions link?

Would you consider "Directions" link click a conversion?

If you answered "No" to any of the following questions. Then read on and start saving some money on your ad spend.

First, the location extension is just how it sounds. It has the address information listed below your ad but, look closely and see that nifty directions link below.

Do you pay each time a person clicks it? Yep, you sure do.

Check If Google's Location Extension Works for You

Take a look below at the next image. Notice the get locations details row. See the cost and then the conversion CPA. Around 70% of the clicks went to the directions link vs. going to a landing page that has a lead form. The CPA was 6 times more then if the user landed on the landing. So if your goal is to drive new leads it definitely could be a bad move in your PPC strategy.


Segment out Google's Location Extension by Click Type

Ok, let's break down how we can find out if the Google's location extension is working. Google conveniently hides this row line item so you have to make it visible by selecting "Click type" under segment.


When you do, you see all click types and how they perform.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment. If you need help with your PPC managementcontact us and we will be happy to save you time and money.









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