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Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida
Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida
Digital Marketing / Five of the Best Marketing Tips for Restaurants in Jupiter, Florida

Five of the Best Marketing Tips for Restaurants in Jupiter, Florida

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Restaurant marketing is an entirely different world, especially in Jupiter. Even the most seasoned marketing professionals aren’t going to be able to excel at this without some firsthand experience. Fortunately, we have collected a few of the most useful marketing tips for restaurants in Jupiter to ensure that you get the business that you deserve.

Best Marketing Tips for Restaurants in Jupiter:


Selfie Tips - Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida

Tip #1 - Food Selfies: Image is everything in the food industry. Thanks to social media, it has never been easier to get your restaurant noticed online than it is today. People love posting about food, and they love sharing their photos of it even more. Get people to take photos of their meals at your restaurant and watch your business increase. You can even take your own photos, or hire a pro to create a drool-inducing photo shoot of your best dishes.

Hash Tag Tips - Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida

Tip #2 - Hashtag It: Everyone loves a good hashtag, and when done well, it can quickly become a trend on social media. Take a minute to come up with a creative tag for your Jupiter restaurant and give your customers reason to use it. For example, you could run a contest for anyone who tags your hashtag in a photo or check-in that they post. Offer a free meal, or even a discount of some kind.

Loyalty tips - Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida

Tip #3 - Loyalty: People love perks. If you implement some type of loyalty program, you will see more people coming through the door. More importantly, you will see repeat customers that will make your place a staple in their lives. It doesn’t matter what the loyalty is. Coffee shops offer punch cards for people, and when the card is full, the holder gets a discount or free drink. Some restaurants have exclusive coupons and discounts for members only. Others have birthday clubs or additional loyalty programs.

Yelp Tips - Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida

Tip #4 - Yelp Helps: Yelp! Is one of the most respected review sites on the web for foodies. If you aren’t on there, or you have a bad rating, you are going to suffer. People want information and they want it quickly. What better way to decide on dinner than to read some reviews of what others have tried? Make sure that you’ve got a plan for handling all the feedback that you’re going to get, too, because that’s what counts.

Google+ - Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida

Tip #5 - Google+: While the actual use of Google+ is still up for debate, if you list your business, you can guarantee that Google will pull it up with location information in a search. Google your favorite restaurant. You’ll quickly see that it’s the first thing that comes up on the right of the screen, complete with all the information that has been provided. Make sure to include as much information for your own listings, for the best results. - Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida Facebook Page - Restaurant Tips Jupiter, Florida

Bonus Tip: Jupiter Florida Fans is the largest organically grown Blogs in Jupiter, Florida and it's Facebook page is over 14500 fans and counting. Fortunately, it was built by Judd Dunagan, the founder of Bright Vessel. If you would like to feature your restaurant in the Blog or page, just reach out to It will not cost you a penny to do, and just one post could get you over 1000 visits to the article and a reach of over 20,000 people on Facebook.

Facebook Page:

Community Blog:

Other Marketing Tips

Restaurants in and around Jupiter have a fair amount of competition. That is why it is going to be critical for you to come up with an effective marketing plan, and fast. Other restaurants in heavily populated areas find success in things like:

  • Geo-targeting ads
  • Instagram-Showing off the staff
  • Social media presence-Blogging
  • Twitter (with targeting and timing)

The Bottom Line

When you consider that 89% of consumers research restaurants before they decide on their dining choice, you have no option but to get out there and get noticed with digital marketing tips like these. Fortunately, it’s a fairly easy task and it doesn’t cost much at all, but the returns that you get will be huge. Plus, if you get stuck, you can get a professional marketing expert on your team to ensure that your campaign is a success.

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