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Effective Product Titles
Effective Product Titles
Digital Marketing / New to Google Shopping? These 5 Tips Will Help You Stand Out!

New to Google Shopping? These 5 Tips Will Help You Stand Out!

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Google Shopping has been around for quite some time now, and it’s become a cornerstone of online sales. And as a highly competitive platform, it might seem daunting to work around it - but that’s where we come in!

In early 2017, Google announced that retailer marketers had invested more than half of their AdWords budget on this platform. Even more impressively, Google Shopping ads led to 16.1% of all eCommerce sales in 2016. The trend has undoubtedly been on the rise since, making Shopping more relevant than ever before.

You certainly need to manage a Google Shopping account, but how can you compete with so many retailers? What does it take to sell more when using this as part of your advertising strategy?

Here are some of our biggest tips we at Bright Vessel have picked up after working with this platform for years!

Effective Product Titles

1. Write Effective Product Titles

When you’re competing with an ocean of retailers selling the same product as you, or at least a very similar one, writing a product title can make a world of difference. You want to stand out above the rest, and grab the attention of potential buyers, and the product title is the user’s first encounter with your offering.

Create the best possible product title by:

  • Being accurate: It is that simple. This is particularly important when you’re selling items from well-known brands. If you’re selling iPhone XS, you must specify whether you mean an XS or an XS Max and whether you’re talking 64 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB. The people looking to buy one of these popular products, often know their way around the items, particularly when it comes to tech. Be specific!
  • Learning how to format. There’s a proper way to format each product you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling a big brand, the name should come first and foremost, followed by specs. If the brand you’re selling isn’t well known, the order should be product title, attribute, brand.

Lyft Landing Page Example

2. Create the Best Possible Landing Page

Getting users to click on your offering instead of anyone else’s is only half the work: you still need them to buy. According to Search Engine Land research, only about 34% of those who click on a Google Shopping product buy it. The way to beat those odds? A great landing page.

Some tips for a successful product landing page:

  • Don’t be too specific. Write the main features of the product you’re selling, but don’t get lost in the details.
  • Show the product you advertised. Be honest with your visitors and lead them to a page showcasing precisely the reason they clicked.
  • Feature similar products on the landing page. Don’t stay with simply showing why they’re there: help them find complements too. This will boost your chances of making a sale.

Beats landing page is a perfect example of showcasing the product in use with vivid imagery. The placement of the products in the visual hierarchy is easy to find while maintaining a creative look.

3. Showcase The Best You Have

Now you’ve decided to start your Google Shopping adventure, it’s time to figure out which products you’ll be promoting. You should run a bit of research on your site.

  • Focus on what’s already selling well. It can be tempting to advertise for low-selling items, but it can be a waste of time without a more thorough campaign. Check out your website’s statistics to learn more about where you should be focusing.
  • Keep in mind what time of the year it is. Some products sell more on one season or another; for example, you wouldn’t sell as many bikinis in December as you would in June.

4. Get Reviewed

Studies have found that users are most likely to buy from a new website if their products have good reviews. On Google Shopping, products that have been reviewed come with a star rating underneath the picture. It’s beneficial to consumers to learn which sellers are worth their while, and it can make the difference between buying from you or from someone else.

You should encourage your customers to leave reviews, perhaps by offering discounts or coupons when they do it.

  • What you need to know about Google Shopping reviews:
  • You only get them if you’ve been around for a minute. For Google to display reviews of your products, you need to have at least 50 spread out across all your products, with a minimum of 3 reviews per item. These can be Google Customer reviews, from your website or from third-party review sites.
  • Good reviews are where it’s at. Obviously, it’s not enough to have reviews on your site: they need to be good, too. A well-received item can be the difference between customers buying from you or someone else. The only way to ensure great reviews is by providing great all-around service and specifically on customer service.

Product Image Example

5. Show Off Your Best Photo

When you’re selling in an environment as competitive as Google Shopping, you need your products to stand out. The easiest way to do that is by having the right picture for your product.

Make your products stand out above the rest. If you’re selling an item that’s somewhat popular, you’ll be directly competing against many other sellers providing the exact same.

  • Get a photographer. Instead of using the same stock photo as everyone else, hire a professional photographer, so you have more exciting content. A good product photographer will make your items really stand out from the rest.
  • Add people to your photos. This makes your product seem more attainable and less ethereal. If you’re selling t-shirts, have a picture of someone wearing them. It looks far better than just a generic image of a tee in a coat hanger with a plain white background.

Bright Vessel has specialized in providing tremendous and customized digital marketing options to South Floridians. Find out more about our services on our website!

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