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Digital Marketing / How to Climb up the Digital Marketing Ladder in 2016

How to Climb up the Digital Marketing Ladder in 2016

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Over the past few years, digital marketing has moved from eCommerce to becoming a platform for creating a brand name in the industry.

Here are seven digital marketing predictions that will help you climb the ladder in 2016.

The power of content marketing

With the rise of digital marketing, content marketing companies generate 67% more profit than others. There is no turning back to old-school ways of marketing your business idea or product, as the content is king!

Here are ten surprising content marketing statistics you must know!


Pay attention to marketing analytics

There are several analytical tools used by marketing gurus to analyze their ranking on different platforms. Analytics is here to stay and bloom exponentially. It has been predicted that in 2015, the expenditure on marketing analytics is about to rise by 60%. This will help companies make good use of the data available online.

‘How to do’ videos

Creating videos can be the best way to market your product as viewing the product, and its features make consumers feel more confident in their purchase decision. Therefore, now most brands have started focusing on videos instead of just text.

One-to-one marketing

To attract more consumers, you have to focus on how to meet all the required needs of the customers. Once done right, it helps customers establish a personable bond with the brand.

Something  new

Now is the time to leave all sorts of conventional ways and try storytelling your brand’s point of view. To motivate the crowd, all you need to do is to satisfy customers with a mixture of storytelling as well as some videos.

Here are 5 Marketing Quotes from Great Storytellers


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Targeted campaigns on the rise

It has been observed that targeted campaigns happen to be two times more effective than non-targeted ones. The internet is full of consumer data were retargeted display ads attract more customers to search for their products. Hence, businesses are focusing on creating new targeting strategies.

Online advertisements

There has been an unexpected rise of 45% in the mobile ad industry whereas a 10%   increase is expected to be seen in the internet advertising industry next year. Make use of this golden opportunity and advertise your brand online this coming year!

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