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Content Marketing / How to Create a Successful WordPress Blog in 2022

How to Create a Successful WordPress Blog in 2022

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WordPress is a powerhouse for building top-notch websites for a wide range of use cases. WordPress is a great platform for creating profitable websites and blogs. These include business, marketing, personal blogs.

WordPress powers over a third of websites used today, making it the most popular website builder platform on the planet.

However, WordPress does have its disadvantages. The learning curve for developing a blog on WordPress can be difficult. Just as well, a novice to the world of blogging might struggle to figure out what to do to make their posts as profitable as possible.

Luckily, it's far from impossible to figure this out. WordPress can be the best possible content management system for your needs when appropriately used. If you want to harness the power of WordPress and build the most marketable blog possible, we're here to help.

We put together a list of our top tips and tricks for building a successful WordPress blog. Keep reading to learn how you can master the WordPress platform and create the blog of your dreams!

How to Create a Successful WordPress Blog

WordPress's learning curve can be difficult, but this platform can offer marketing ability, search engine optimization, and aesthetic design.

It's is important to be passionate and knowledgeable on the topic you are writing about. By doing so, you will keep your readers engaged and eager to learn more.  This might seem like a given, but far too many blog owners have not nailed down their niche. When blog owners don't have a niche, this can result in a blog that is packed with unclear content.

Just as well, without a solid understanding of what you are knowledgeable about, your blog posts might not provide the kind of value your readers need.


Take time to consider the topic of your blog

If you are not an expert in a particular field, pick a field that you are passionate about. If you opt for something you are more likely to spend time researching and learning about, you'll eventually become knowledgeable in that subject.

The goal here is to provide the most valuable content to your readers. Your readers will look elsewhere if your content lacks evidence and does not present value.

If you look at our blog over at Bright Vessel, you'll see an excellent example of knowledgeable content. Our top posts involve subjects that explore WordPress tips, breakdowns of WordPress plugins, and a variety of guides to WooCommerce inventory management.

We know what our brand seeks to do: Provide excellent WordPress and WooCommerce building services to entrepreneurs and businesses. As a result, our blog content revolves heavily around these subjects that our team specializes in.

Always use an A+ headline.

Once you have interesting content ready to go, it's time to pen your headline. Your headline is extremely important, as it will be what pulls the reader in and capture attention. Ensure that your headlines are urgent, unique, useful, and ultra-specific.

As with your content, your headline should establish the value that your readers will get out of reading your content. We recommend testing out different headlines to see which blog post title will pull in more readers. Once you've found which one works the best, roll with it!

Bright Vessel's blog is a great example of using a top-notch headline. We ensure that our blog post titles make it abundantly clear what the post is about and why it is valuable.


For example, our guide to Adobe XD titled "How to Export Assets from Adobe XD to Build a WordPress Website" is very direct and makes it clear what the valuable article will be about and the problem that the blog post will solve for the viewer.

It's all about establishing excellent value through your headline.


Add the right buttons and extras.

Always enable social sharing on your blog posts. This will make it easier for your readers to share your content on social media. We recommend using Jetpack to enable social sharing buttons of your choice on each and every blog post you upload.

The easier you make it for readers to share your posts, the more likely they are to actually share them.

Ensure that your blog's overall design is readable and pleasant.

The theme you use for your blog can make a big difference in its readability and popularity among readers. There are so many different types of free and premium WordPress themes out there. Many of them are easy to customize as well.

We recommend opting for a blog theme that matches your overall website theme. This will make your blog appear more cohesive. Just as well, we recommend looking into themes that offer SEO capabilities and extras. Some WordPress blog owners use drag-and-drop website builders as well.

Your final design should be relatively lightweight (with no excessive loading times) and responsive. It should also look attractive on both desktops and mobile devices.

If you're struggling with the design, coding, and development of your website, it may be worth looking into the services of a WordPress and WooCommerce design company. Bright Vessel boasts an excellent team of professionals that can handle the WordPress website design elements you need assistance with, as well as a variety of additional services.

Use clean permalinks.

A permalink is a link that appears when you visit a webpage. When you are drafting your posts on WordPress, you have the option of choosing what your permalink is.

It might seem like this isn't very important, but the look of your permalink can affect how shareable it is. We recommend choosing a clear, simple permalink based on the blog post's headline in question.

For example: "" isn't as attractive or easy to share as ""


Always use an SSL certificate.

This goes without saying: Your viewers are only interested in viewing and accessing safe websites. An SSL certificate is an additional layer of code designed to encrypt the connection between your webpage and a viewer's browser. SSL certificates protect the user and won't be flagged by their browser as unsafe.

An SSL certificate is pretty easy to acquire. In most cases, your hosting provider offers an SSL certificate for an additional fee.

If you take a look at our blog over at Bright Vessel, you'll notice right away that we have a secure SSL certificate in place to put our readers and potential customers at ease.


Use WordPress plugins to ensure your work is easy to read.

It may not be easy to manually proofread and code different elements into your posts. Luckily, there is a massive wealth of plugins and other tools that can help. We recommend trying out the following:

  • Hemingway Editor. This free tool analyzes your blog post for readability. Hemingway will break down your word count and what grade your content stands at (the goal is to score under Grade 9). This tool will also break down different problematic sentences that you should edit, such as sentences that are hard to read, have too many adverbs, use too much passive voice, etc.
  • Jetpack. As we mentioned earlier, Jetpack makes it easy to enable social sharing on your posts. This plugin offers a ton of different SEO tools as well.
  • YoastSEO. This plugin optimizes your WordPress blog to show up on more Google search results pages. YoastSEO is also great for editing Twitter cards and controlling the appearance of your links on social media platforms.

How was our guide to creating the best WordPress blog possible? Tell us which tip or trick helped you the most in the comments below.

At Bright Vessel, we understand how crucial it is to have a very successful, well-built WordPress blog to market your business. We're proud to offer a wide range of services that can boost the profitability of your blog: From blog design to maintenance plans to search engine optimization. Get in touch with the Bright Vessel team today to learn more about our service offerings and to kick your current blog up a notch!

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