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WooCommerce / How to Unlock the Power of WooCommerce on Mobile

How to Unlock the Power of WooCommerce on Mobile

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Mobile phones are increasingly gaining popularity across the world because they are readily available and they are coming with features that are more reliable. Nowadays, people are using mobile devices for almost everything.

  • It is no wonder that you can choose to use your mobile device instead of a laptop or desktop computer to accomplish a given task.
  • These devices come with large screens and improved hardware; you can easily use them for research, games and even online shopping. However, it is different when a client views your store using their phone than when buying from it directly.
  • A study shows that forty percent of the users of mobile devices leave a site if the website they first visit is not mobile-friendly. Your bounce rate can thus reduce by 40%.Your sales can drastically increase if you can keep most of these visitors on your online store.
  • If your store is WooCommerce-powered but can't accommodate mobile users, you are wasting a chance to make more money. Luckily, there are cheap ways of improving your store.
  • These tips are meant to draw more shoppers to your store and increase the purchases they make.

Power of WooCommerce

Below are ways through which you can realize the power of WooCommerce while shopping using mobile devices.

  1. Easily Accessible Products

It is possible to easily link returning visitors or new shoppers from your homepage to the product or category page. The links to homepages are one-step from making it easy for mobile users to access products easily. You should make it easy for mobile shoppers to find and learn more about your products quickly. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Check more than once to make sure that your website can be accessed and easily used on small screens,
  • Ensure that you have links to product and/or category pages and that visitors do not have to go through many screens to find them,
  • When selling many products, use an extension such as this one so that the most popular ones will come at the beginning of your search.
  1. Reduce Homepage Content

The home page to your store is most likely where new visitors go to learn more about your enterprise, what you deal in, and what sets you apart from others. Thus, you may be tempted to staff a lot of information there. However, remember that what looks good on a laptop's screen may lead to endless scrolling on a user's mobile device. To avoid flooding your shopper with a lot of information, limit the homepage to just crucial items. Keep in mind that you can direct homepage visitors anywhere using links. This helps you save space while boosting sales.

  1. Review Your Product Pages, Checkout Experience, and Homepage

One way to ensure that your website is mobile user-friendly is by using responsive design. This is a design of a website that scales content down or up automatically to match the screen of the user. Another way to be mobile friendly is by the use of WooCommerce that has paid extensions and built-in options that help you boost the happiness of your shoppers and improve your layout.

  1. Make Website Mobile Friendly and Watch Sales Go Up

Even if mobile devices are growing more powerful and many clients are using them for online shopping, a responsive theme may not be enough to increase visitors to your site. Fortunately, mobile WooCommerce has many options to help you out. You are not limited to how to change your store. All you have to do is design the website in such a way that its contents suit the needs of your clients.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Gallery for Products

Shoppers consider many factors, such as reviews and copywriting, before deciding to purchase. The photos on your website also determine whether a client will buy a product or not. If the mobile shoppers cannot view these images well, they will not purchase the products. Fortunately, mobile WooCommerce gives shoppers an experience that is mobile-friendly. The latest WooCommerce version helps to improve mobile user's experience. The latest gallery displays images in their real size on mobile. What's more, touch gestures are now improved; users can swipe left and right to view the images, swipe up, zoom, and more.

  1. Keep Checkout Simple and Speedy

Remember to look at the checkout experience that small screen users have. This can determine whether a shopper abandons a cart or not. Avoid asking for a lot of information or making the process take too long. If you ask your shoppers to fill out information that is unnecessary, consider using this extension to add, change, or remove the fields to make their experience smooth. If the checkout is causing issues on its own, consider cutting it down to one page especially if it is taking many steps. Use this link to learn more about how to optimize your checkout. You should also check if the payment options are slowing your checkout down.

  1. Easier and Faster Payments for Mobile Shoppers

During payment, shoppers are supposed to have an easy time. The process should be simple. However, your payment processor choice can sometimes get in the way of these last steps, either because they are too tedious or slow for the impatient users. If this happens, you can try some of the extensions below:

Rector App

  • Reactor - this one helps you build your own customized application for your store to make it a mobile-friendly website. Push notifications is another feature available here.

WooCommerce Social Login

  • WooCommerce Social Login - with this one, shoppers can log into or create their accounts through Twitter, Facebook, etc. This means that shoppers will not need another password and signing in will be speed for all returning clients.

WooCommerce Recommendation Engine

  • Recommendation Engine - helps you recommend products that are related to every page so that mobile users can browse without having to return to the category's page or begin a fresh search.

WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos

  • Variation Swatches and Photos - this one gets rid of drop-down menus that are hard-to-tap when selecting item variations, replaces them with swatches or photos that are colored.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout

  • One Page Checkout - is the ideal choice for letting clients to purchase products instantly without having to leave the page. Thus, shoppers do not have to take more steps to purchase your goods.

After addressing every factor leading up to the cart, the other processes of paying should be hustle-free. The mobile-friendly website should be ready for small screens now. Luckily, there are one-touch or fast mobile payments via various WooCommerce extensions such as:

Paypal Mobile Payment

  • PayPal - the mobile experience using PayPal is simple, trusted, and fast. It is very secure because of the 2-factor authentification. Customers can also pay through safely stored cards or bank details.


  • Apple Pay - offers quick payments using the safely stored details so that ordering is easy, secure and fast

Amazon pay

  • Amazon Pay- this is a free extension that lets customers pay for orders using the information stored on Amazon.

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