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Wordpress / How WordPress Maintenance Companies Are Managing Clients Effectively

How WordPress Maintenance Companies Are Managing Clients Effectively

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You’ve managed to gain over 30 clients you’re providing support and maintenance to on a monthly basis which is awesome. Have you noticed that with some clients though, one simple task can take up a tonne of your time only to leave you both frustrated because your communications have broken down?

We’ve all been there; it’s a tricky task to keep your client communications buttery smooth constantly. When it does hit the rocks, you end up wasting precious time on endless back and forths that could be spent working, or finding your next client.

Which is why we are happy to introduce you to an awesome WordPress plugin called WP Feedback, that aims to streamline your client communications.

So, let’s take a peek at how WP FeedBack can get your client communications in order, saving you time, alleviating your stress and generally making your day-to-day easier!

How does it make communicating easier?

Don’t you hate it when there is a specific part of a website your client is trying to discuss with you but they are not specific enough, and you have to go on a scavenger hunt trying to find it? Yeah, we hate it too!


WP FeedBack is a front-end tool which enables you or your client (or guests), to directly pin tasks to the divs on a page, on the live website.

The guys at WP FeedBack call this “communicating visually”, where the point you’re discussing with your client is right there in view. You simply click the plus icon on the sidebar which is on every page and enter into “comment mode”.

As you hover over divs of the page, the plugin will highlight them with a border letting you know exactly where the task will be pinned once it’s created.

No more wasting time trying to locate the point your client is commenting about in their vague emails with cryptic screenshots. You know specifically where they are talking about without them even having to tell you. This will reduce your back and forths massively, trust us, we’ve tested it out!

Also, all communications are directly on your client’s live website. You don’t have to waste even more time trying to convince them to sign up to another platform and then begrudgingly teach them how to use it to communicate with you (only for them to still send you direct emails).

Once you’ve pinned a task, you and your clients also have some great options:


  • Your client can set the urgency of the task, letting you know if it has to be done right away or if it can wait for a bit.
  • You can set the status of the task.
  • It gives you the technical details from the user that made the first comment and created the task, saving you the hassle of having to ask your client for it should you need it.
  • All of the tasks are neatly organised into a dashboard in the WordPress admin area, which you can filter based on user, status and urgency.
  • It has the option to take a screenshot of the current view, which is posted as a comment to the task automatically.
  • Any file type can be uploaded to the task and is also uploaded to the media library of the website.

This transforms those long drawn out email chains with your clients into concise tasks on their live website. Not only are they no longer held back by their lack of technical knowledge, it makes the task of organising everything that you need to do much smoother.

They have a demo website here that you can check out >>

How will it make your day-to-day easier?

Task Center

When you get into your office, what is the first thing you do? (apart from make that much needed cup of coffee). I’d put money on it that you check out your inbox to see if any client requests have come through and you then proceed to sort out a task list for the day.

With WP FeedBack, you don’t need to do this anymore. The plugin sends you notifications if a task has been created, status changed or any other change within a task (these notifications can all be customised).

For example’s sake, lets say a client has noticed they are having 5 different issues on their website. Without WP FeedBack, you have to check all of the emails that were sent, go onto the website and hunt down what these problems are, especially if your client hasn’t been very specific.

With WP FeedBack there are a few different ways it completely changes this process. You can either go onto the task notification emails and click on a link that will take you directly to where the task has been pinned and you can quickly deal with it. Or you can login to your client’s website, go to the dashboard and every task is neatly organised for you to go through and sort out.

The guys at WP FeedBack have tested this with some of their clients and found that it saved them 3 hours per week, per team member; which is huge! It cut down client communications and allowed them to get the work done faster, making both their lives and their client’s lives easier on the day-to-day.

I already have a project management system

We understand it can be daunting to change up your processes when you are familiar with a particular system, especially if your ticketing/email system is integrated into your project management software.


However, because WP Feedback is a WordPress Plugin, it can enjoy all of the awesome integrations that a platform like Zapier offers (which is more than 1,500 different apps).

Here are just a few examples of how you can use WP Feedback with some of the more popular apps:

  • Gmail: There are already default notifications setup for the plugin, using the Gmail integration with Zapier you can also create your own custom notifications.
  • Google Sheets: add new tasks automatically to a Spreadsheet with all of the details
  • Zendesk/TeamWork: Create a new ticket whenever a client creates a new task, which allows you to continue using your help desk with the plugin
  • Slack: Want to send a message to the relevant group after a new comment is made? You can do that too, even with the link of the particular task where the comment was made and the page it’s on.
  • Trello/Basecamp: Maybe you’d like to create a new card on the board you are using for this specific project when a task has been created.

There are many effective ways you can use Zapier to integrate WP FeedBack into your existing processes, that can result in your client management becoming even more effective.

In Conclusion

Managing multiple clients effectively every month can become tiresome as you grow your business. The more clients you gather, the more difficult it becomes to make sure you are providing the best support and maintenance possible.

If you are a maintenance company for WordPress, we guarantee you that WP FeedBack will be a great addition to you tool box. Not only will it make your day-to-day easier, it will also make your client’s have a better time when communicating with you.

Go here now to check out their plans and get some more info >>

Are you considering WP FeedBack? How do you think it could change the way you manage your clients?

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