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Business / List N Chat - A Very Cool New App

List N Chat - A Very Cool New App

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A Tequesta local and good friend of mine (David Taylor) yesterday rolled out nationwide a very cool Free Android app called List N Chat. You can download it directly from the Google Play store from the link below.

App Details - List N Chat

List N Chat in a nutshell is CraigsList reinvented for an Android phone (iPhone coming soon). The App allows you to instantly post classified ads directly from your Android Phone, allows keyword and category based search, includes listing based multimedia chat channels that allow people to contact you directly about your listings anonymously, and will show your listings on a localized map if you choose so.

Since the app is content driven and new, it needs people to post as many listing as they can.

Since all listing are category based, this would be a good opportunity for locals who want to clean out their garage, or promote a business.


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