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Ecommerce / The Most Reliable Drag and Drop Website Builders In 2022

The Most Reliable Drag and Drop Website Builders In 2022

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Free drag-and-drop website builders are a good idea if you are new to the internet world. Creating one is very simple, and you won't need a lot of previous knowledge. You will be amazed at the simplicity, which is part of the enjoyment. Become both a developer and an architect simultaneously, instead of paying someone to do it for you.

Before settling on a web maker of your choice, it is better to understand your expenses on premium plans and why you are creating them. The features you will use also play a significant role because every platform is created uniquely.

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The Most Reliable Drag and Drop Website Builders in 2022

Below you'll find the very best drag and drop website builders in 2022!


If you want to create a web with relatively little effort and great artistic control, Wix is the best option for you. The software has distinct aspects, including digital asset archiving, e-commerce facilities, beautiful video themes, title effects, smartphone applications, and even a handy free tier.

Additionally, in the ever-developing sector of web-making services examined, the current Editor X layout stands out as one of the most simple, clean, and efficient. In simple terms, Wix is an easy-to-use inter-platform that, together with Duda and Gator, is an upfront Editors' preference.

Regarding graphics, Wix offers a significant advantage: it allows you to reuse images that you have already shared by storing them in digital folders for yourself. If you wish to use photos in another part of your site, you'll have to re-upload them using the other platforms.

In terms of e-commerce, Wix has a robust platform. The Store widget in the top toolbar creates a Shop page with a pre-populated product gallery that you can update on your own. To receive funds, you will need an e-commerce premium package. Likewise, Wix has a customizable storefront, periodic payment, and membership alternatives so that you can make even more money. You may arrange goods by category and give coupons through its complete product modification panel.


Zyro is a speedy website construction solution for people who don't code. In truth, most of its targeted demographic does not need to know much about the web. You can use Zyro if you are accustomed to graphical user interfaces. Besides the web design GUI, Zyro also features some useful related tools, like an AI content creation script, an AI heatmap for target modulation, and a vast pool of photos to use as resources are among them.

For users who have used Zyro before, it takes care of SSL setup and settings. Unlike many other web providers, you have to deal with different SSL certificates and handling mechanisms. Your Zyro site is automatically secured. That's right – without having to make any effort. Although SSL may appear to be a minor concern, it is crucial for every digital network. Many search engines are now harshly penalizing webs that do not employ SSL.

The web creator features a library of ready-to-use templates to help you from the beginning. These are there to give you a picture of how the sites appear.


GoDaddy is one of the best-known brands in the digital marketplace. While it's the most popular selling domain names and internet services, you can still rely on this software to develop your web. GoDaddy websites and marketing is easy to use with mobile-friendly designs.

The most recent version strives to give a more comprehensive solution, especially marketing. A content architect for creating social networking posts, an excellent blogging option, a neat small email marketing instrument, and an SEO wizard for optimizing your site is available.

GoDaddy provides a free plan and paid ones that begin at just $10 every month. They all include web storage and customer services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the free package does not utilize a custom domain tag. Additionally, if you want to start a digital store, you can only achieve that by using the e-commerce plan.

You can include a PayPal button to any plan. However, if you want to start an online store, you will need the most expensive package, which includes appointment scheduling, product ratings, and integration with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

best drag and drop websites 2022


Elementor is a versatile tool used in complete webs to specialized landing pages. You could create custom forms, advertisements, and landing pages. This system can assist you in designing whatever is on your mind.

Several experts on your team can use Elementor. The visual editor allows you to drag and drop any widgets such as buttons and star ratings to generate content. Featuring code efficiency, configurable properties, and backup versions, Elementor continues to be the leading system for WordPress developers.

This drag and drop website builder offers a free plan and multiple premium subscription choices. The free version includes:

  • A drag-and-drop editor.
  • Common widgets.
  • Elementary templates.

These are all the features you'll need to get your platform up and running. If you require more advanced capabilities like integrating forms and custom CSS, you can upgrade to the premium plans.

Elementor, like any other reputable WordPress page maker, is SEO-friendly. It assists you in building a gorgeous site design, allowing you to keep people on your page longer. As customers interact with your site, search engines will recognize its importance, elevating your rankings and improving your SEO.


SITE123 is a rapidly growing, individually owned drag and drop website builder located in Israel that caters solely to do-it-yourselfers. The web creator is a diverse and all-inclusive collection of website creation options, giving whatever you need to start and expand your web. It differs from alternatives requiring you to independently purchase, install, and control all of your website's aspects.

The web editor makes building a platform as simple as a pie. As the name implies, you build a web in three phases: pick a good design, create content, and publish. The designs fit into general categories like business, online store, or portfolio and then break down into specific niches like law firms, hair salons, or gardening. There's no complicated setup process since you can do everything in your browser. Like many other drag and drop website builders, it also comes with a blog and a digital store.

There are various payments options for the available plans, but you must first register a free account. It gives you the freedom to experience everything for as long as you need. If you enjoy the offerings, you can then upgrade. However, for the first year, you will get free web hosting and the option to establish email accounts.


Squarespace is an excellent platform for building a dream website. It offers the highest-quality unique capabilities in the industry, and while it takes some getting accustomed to, the results are well worth the effort. It is recommended for those interested in design or with some technical knowledge.

Squarespace is ideal for photographers, artists, and anybody who enjoys design and wishes their web to reflect the quality of their work. It also includes a comprehensive set of ecommerce capabilities, making it an excellent choice if you plan to create a store with a limited inventory or offer digital goods.

Squarespace's two e-commerce packages contain essential inventory control and abandoned cart restoration. You can even trade offline and have everything in one place if you combine the Squarespace Commerce app with your account. Additionally, you could effortlessly accept credit card payments while on the go, and all sales will be reflected in your retail channel.


Duda is a definite winner for someone looking for a clean, modern, and quick web designer. The drag and drop website builder is simple to use, featuring drag-and-drop features and well-structured and attractive templates. Its features make it ideal for anyone interested in design but unprepared to have complete creative control over their web.

There are over 90 templates available, with topics ranging from business to lifestyle. You have artistic control over modification, but you're still restricted mainly by your chosen design within the template's limitations.

These capabilities make Duda excellent for web designers building several sites for customers – it's what it was developed for, after all! Duda also lets you create adaptive, customized web apps, a huge plus for any serious organization.


A free web creator is an excellent place to start if you only want to make a simple platform without a digital store. However, the free option plans have limited storage and SEO marketing features that don't suit big organizations with huge traffic. Contact BrightVessel to get all the details and guidance about web creation.

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