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Social Media Management / Opting Out Of Sharing Personal Data on Facebook

Opting Out Of Sharing Personal Data on Facebook

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While Facebook is a place where you may be tempted to share personal information, chances are you don't want to share them with Facebook itself. Recently it has come to light that Facebook is guilty of some serious data sharing. Though the Facebook terms of service may have changed, the site was never meant to spy on its users. Here's how some believe that’s exactly what is happening.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

In 2014, Cambridge Analytica was unjustly able to access personal information of over 50 million people who had Facebook accounts at the time. Facebook users that had their personal information accessed never agreed to such an arrangement with the widely popular social media site.

The personal information of Facebook users was:

  • captured
  • analyzed
  • stored indefinetly
  • shared without consent

This information was provided to marketers, data brokers and even other social media companies. In the face of this leakage of data, Facebook is being accused of violating their members' right to privacy.

The proposed solution to this is to allow users to have complete control over the personal information Facebook can and can't collect.

It has also been said that if a Facebook user deletes their profile, they should be able to take their information with them, rather than leaving it in their wake.

How to Keep Your Facebook But Not Share Your Data

Those that don't want their data shared but also don't want to delete their Facebook account have options. At the moment, both the website itself and the Facebook app allow members to have complete control over the F of their account.

When members of the site choose to restrict access to their data as much as possible they give up the ability to be able to use any platform apps such as:

  • Farmville
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

This also means that members give up their ability to log into any other accounts using information from Facebook.

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Here are the steps Facebook members can take to protect their privacy:

  • visit the App Settings page
  • edit apps, websites and plugins
  • click "disable platform"

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Data sharing is an important concern in today's world, and Bright Vessel can help Facebook members secure their privacy. As a result, members may choose to stop using the Facebook app and make sure they stay up to date with the Facebook terms of service.

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