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How to Perfect Your Online Business in 10 Easy Steps

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The online marketplace is fast growing, as the consumer can have products delivered straight to their home, choosing it right from the comfort of their living room chair from any online business.

Essentially, the easier it becomes for the consumer to click and order, the harder it becomes for the seller to revamp its business and add a website for shopping alongside their brick-and-mortar store. So many have failed to keep their heads above water, such as video rental stores (i.e.; Blockbuster) and bookstores (Borders, Barnes and Noble) have also lost stores. There are quite a few enhancements you can give your online merchandising site to open up new pathways from which your consumer base and profit can grow.

Increase your Online Sales in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Imagery. People always have and always will judge the book by its cover. You need eye-catching, quality photos of the products you offer. Shiny, fancy; this is what tells consumers that you take pride in your stock and you may be worth their time.
  2. Group Your Items Accordingly. Shoppers want some level of organization, so they can quickly click on the department, for example, scroll down to what they need, and buy. A customer will just as soon click off of your site than spend half an hour looking for the item they want. Patience does not exist in the technological world. Make sure that you give adequate descriptions of each item as well.
  3. Straightforward Browsing. Design your website so that it is easy to use, and not confusing for the consumer. Once again, technology has destroyed the concept of patience. Shoppers will want to find what they are looking for quickly, as well as have a search bar, or help at hand if needed. Consumers want to find a product as close to now as possible.
  4. Offer Help Whenever, Wherever. Consumers want the best help as soon as they can get it, so if your customer service is top notch, you can guarantee a large, loyal consumer base. What customers often remember most about a business is was the staff helpful, polite, and available when needed? The way you want to answer this question is to have customer service reps that are kind, ready and willing to assist all day every day, and persistent in solving the issue.
  5. Increase the Clicks Your Site Receives Through Optimization. There is a way to ensure that your website is constantly perused by potential consumers, by optimizing your website for search engines. This is when you design your website to be as appealing as possible so that more people express interest in the website, click on it, and thereby move it up toward the number one spot on the search results when a certain word/phrase is searched. To do this, be sure that your website is organized, pristine, and attractive, and then begin to write and disseminate articles that focus on a product that you sell, for example, computers. You can pen articles for your blog about the various computers you offer, as well as the technological industry itself, and this will help garner attention for your business. Titling the pages on your website using words pertaining to your business (such as the computers example) will certainly help as well.
  6. Add on Advertising that Pays You Whenever Someone Visits Your Site. You can implement pay-per-click advertising to pay a website publisher to display ads on their site, so that you gain interest whenever a consumer searches a word/phrase pertaining to your business, or clicks on one of the ads that appear on the ‘search results’ page. It is a quicker way to generate interest via ‘clicks’, however, the high visibility you achieved here goes quickly when you end it, and none of the special words/phrases will turn your company up when you end the pay-per-click service. Determine whether this or optimization, or a combination of the two, would be more effective for your purposes.
  7. Implement the Increasingly Popular Social Media. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on can allow your products to reach many more people, and generate more business. If you are not well-versed in social media, you should get someone on your team who is that can post information and photos of your merchandise and services every so often to promote your business.
  8. Offer to Sign Customers Up to Receive Exclusive Emails. Attempt to create a loyal consumer base by offering special offers, deals, and or discounts first, and exclusively, to those on your emailing list. The consumers will feel that they have a good deal, and will likely buy from you in the future.
  9. Experiment with Alternate Versions of Your Website. Set up two different, potential versions of your website, and check in to see which one consumers visited more often. You will then have a website that has proven to be appealing and consumer-friendly.
  10.  Consistent Voice in All Written Content. You want all of the advertising prose to have the same, signature style of your company. It has to flow, and be cohesive, to demonstrate that you know who you are as a business. You can use multiple variations of your copy, as with the websites, to see which attracts more customers.

These are all helpful ways to increase your online sales and reduce your bounce rate. By keeping your customers on site and buying, you're keeping your profits instead of sending them off to your competitors.

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