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Digital Marketing / Pioneering Marketing Strategies for Law Firms that can’t be Overlooked

Pioneering Marketing Strategies for Law Firms that can’t be Overlooked

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Law firms should learn to advertise their business in order to attain success; new customers are the lifeblood of any company, and without them your bottom line will quickly suffer, struggle and potentially collapse. Time is usually an issue when attempting to attract new clients. However with the right marketing strategies, you will be on the verge of great results.


Marketing must be taken seriously; you should set aside a reasonable amount of capital to cover marketing activities. Experts recommend at least two and a half percent of your gross revenue. These funds should be specifically for marketing activities, the marketing staff salaries are on top of this.


The internet has made it very easy to access information regarding anything; but one of the most popular and effective mediums is video. A video is easy to absorb and quick to watch, it is the first thing that will attract a potential client’s eye. Your law firm’s web page must have one if it is to compete effectively.


To ensure you achieve the best results possible with your budget you should always invest in marketing activities which are measurable. Every campaign you do should be assessed to see if it has reached the target audience and what response has been received. For example, blogs and online marketing activities can be measured and tracked; it is much more difficult to track a billboard in the high street.

Existing clients

Your current clients need to be nourished and feel loved. More importantly they may have needs that you can provide a solution for. This should be the first point of any marketing campaign. It is easy to track how many times a client has used you and which services they have used; you can then target them based on their history and potential.


One of the best ways of attracting new customers is via a referral. This principle works very well for law firms; any existing client who is happy with your work will be happy to recommend you. The first step is to advise your existing clientele that you are available for new work; this should be quickly followed with the type of work you are after. It is also possible to get referrals from your professional contacts and even other lawyers who graduated with you.

Trade associations

You are probably already a member of the bar association but this will not give you the opportunity to meet potential clients. A trade association will be full of potential clients. Ideally have an existing client meet you at a trade association that they are already a member of. You will then be able to access their friends and colleagues. A small discount on your existing client’s bill will be worthwhile!


There are many potential clients you will meet in your daily life; other parents at the school, people at the gym, or even at a local sports event. It is essential to talk to these people, find out what line of work they are in and what problems they face. You may be able to help them!

Have a plan

Just as building or developing a business requires a plan, so does marketing.  It is essential to write down your marketing plan and stick to it. Having it recorded will make it easier to know where you are and where you should be going. It can be tricky to strike the right balance between spending too little or too much time on marketing. Ideally you should look to spend at least one hour a day, your marketing plan will help you know how much time you need. The more time spent on worthwhile advertising the better the results will be.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is essential to use social media to advertise your presence and your services. However, lawyers and attorneys are the most competitive and expensive keywords on Bing. To make a social media campaign successful you must research the market and look for a new area or angle; the aim is to stand out from the crowd. This campaign should then be directed at the right locations and potential clients; you want people who are looking for a lawyer because they need to use their services now. It is also essential to have open lines of communication; this includes phone and online chat. 

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