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Tag: app - Node.js Reveals a New JavaScript-Clad Look
December 28, 2015 the famous blogging site recently unveiled its brand new admin interface for handling content, blogs, and viewing other people’s site.  The new look will not go unnoticed by the regular users. And if you are one those code geeks, you will easily detect something glittering under the new skin – JavaScript in place of […]
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Digital marketing Techniques
Grow Your Business Using Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques
April 10, 2015
This is my favorite time to be a blogger, where you’re able to look ahead at what could be the major trends with regards to digital marketing. The biggest question remains, what are the most beneficial marketing trends online? When scrutinizing which are most relevant, place focus on what is making the biggest difference rather […]
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New Beacon Technology
November 14, 2014
New beacon technology offers the potential to revolutionize experiences in the consumer retail industry. This technology brings forth a new dimension for interactions between your customer and you. This begs the questions, though, what exactly is beacon technology? Simply put, this technology uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE); which is a chip operating at low frequency […]
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List N Chat - A Very Cool New App
October 16, 2014
A Tequesta local and good friend of mine (David Taylor) yesterday rolled out nationwide a very cool Free Android app called List N Chat. You can download it directly from the Google Play store from the link below. App Details - List N Chat List N Chat in a nutshell is CraigsList reinvented for an […]
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