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A Customer Journey Mapping Guide for the Best 2019 Omni-Channel Sales
January 16, 2019
The way sellers think of retail has changed enormously in the past couple of decades. Years ago, the customer went to the store and picked up whatever product they needed. At most, they went back to return an item. Nowadays, there are many other touchpoints between customer and seller. And the way to convert these […]
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How to Build a Customer Journey Map with Example PDFs
January 8, 2019
In this day and age, sales competition is worse than ever. Thanks to the Internet, you’re not just going against local competitors, but with others from around the world. It’s necessary to have an edge above everyone else. The best way to stand out is by offering excellent service and knowing your customers better than […]
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Customer Persona Example
eCommerce Customer Journey Map: How to Create Top Customer Experiences
November 27, 2018
Mapping eCommerce Customer Journey: The Bright Vessel Guide to Perfect Customer Experiences Throughout two decades, the Internet has reached every side of our lives. And perhaps the most significant change has been in retail, which has had to adjust immensely. Now, each retailer is competing with the entire world’s worth of the same offering. It’s […]
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Customer Journey Map
Having a Workflow that Reflects Your Customer Journey Map
July 30, 2018
When starting a company of any kind, you probably know that one of the first things that need doing is creating a workflow. A precise sequence of every stage and process that occurs in the company is vital to get things going. It makes for a well-oiled machine and a seamless experience for your customers. […]
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Customer Journey Map
Customer Journey Map
January 25, 2018
Download a Printable PDF Here In an interview with Google’s, Matt Lawson, and global marketing practice lead, Laura Beaudin at Bain & Company, made it definitive that brands still don’t get it. During the conversation, Beaudin cited Bain’s research, which found that only 13% of direct media budgets are directed toward mobile advertising. A lot of what’s […]
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