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What Are SEO Stop Words?
March 18, 2022
A search engine optimizes its database for each search by removing certain words from results. These words are known as "stop words." The primary purpose of these stop words is to make it easier for a person to browse through a website's content. For example, "how" and "the" would be removed because they do not pertain to […]
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(SEO) Search Engine Optimization Tips
December 11, 2015
(SEO) Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important steps in utilizing a site as a powerful marketing tool. SEO is a long-term goal, but it should not be looked at as an item that is not important in a digital plan. In fact, when doing proper SEO. It will improve the overall Brand Awareness, […]
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Marketing Agency Tips for Small Business
December 8, 2015
A marketing agency should have a robust inbound strategy, reasonable fees, and work well in the digital arena. Unfortunately, this is hard to come by in West Palm Beach, Florida. Getting customers is the first thing on your mind when you own business. This is not just an important task; it is also a difficult […]
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3 SEO Predictions for 2016
November 25, 2015
Let’s face it. Marketing your product or services using Google can be a little freaky because it always seems like they are about to make a big algorithm change. It may feel that as a marketer you are bounded and are unable to make any changes yourself, because search engines can do whatever they want […]
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Why Content Rules the World
October 30, 2015
Content rules digital marketing today is because businesses use websites and blogs as a platform to advertise their niches and spread brand awareness. The world has changed radically concerning marketing strategies as everyone wants something new now and then. It is all about offering something different to your customers to get noticed and remembered. A […]
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Search Anatomy
Anatomy of Search Page
August 22, 2015
We use Google, as a search engine, on a daily basis and no matter what we’re searching for, it’s the place where we will probably find the solution. But, have you ever, while searching for something, taken a look at the search page more in depth? What are all the components that pop up on […]
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SEO and Content Marketing
August 4, 2014
The Debate The current debate as it stands concerning SEO and content marketing is that they are oil and water.  The content marketing crowd tends to be a purist bunch and anytime things like “key words” are mentioned they fly into a tantrum rivaling that of any four years old.  Their argument is not lost.  […]
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