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Fake News
Facebook Challenges Fake News Through New Video Hub
March 21, 2018
Last year, Facebook announced Watch, an ambitious video hub which presents video shows. Currently, these shows allow publishers and other creators the opportunity to build an audience through: Weekly video series; Videos with storylines; Daily vlogs; or Other live and recorded videos. Facebook plans to take the Watch video hub even farther by offering news […]
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What will Video Marketing look like in 2019?
August 24, 2017
Technology has rapidly advanced in the past three decades. The speed of the internet continues to grow and with it, Video. New advancements in technology have paved the way for a paradigm shift in the way marketers will use video marketing in the future. The internet is not the only change in speed. New computers, […]
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Video Marketing
Why Is Video Winning Over Written Content in Digital Marketing
November 25, 2016
Video marketing is an absolute necessity when it comes to getting out there and building a company's brand. If you're wondering how effective online video marketing is, take a look at some recent statistics. Streaming video accounts for approximately 70% of all Internet traffic, a figure which includes Netflix (37%) and Youtube (17%) as the […]
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