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The Best Shopping Search Engines To Boost Ecommerce Sales

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A successful e-commerce business relies on being able to consistently lead consumers to your market and convert them, as well as capitalizing on seasonal surges and shopping trends. It requires a good deal of insight, but not just on the market and the consumers. It requires a little insight into how online shopping funnels are created.

Shopping search engines are one of the most effective tools in that funnel. Looking for the best deal, consumers will use them to scour the market and compare prices. They are used by over half of the market, and if you’re offering competitive prices but neglecting to use them, that means you could be missing 50% of the sales you should have.

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Here, we’re going to look at some of the biggest and best shopping search engines, or comparison search engines, on the market. We’re going to look at the features of each, and which might be the best fit for you.

Why Making Use of Shopping Search Engines

If you’re relatively new to e-commerce, you may not be entirely familiar with shopping search engines, even if you’ve used them before.  Price and product comparison sites are on the rise, but shopping search engines work a little differently and offer different benefits to e-commerce business owners:

  • Shopping search engines allow you to generate more traffic and revenue with relatively low costs compared to other marketing tools
  • Many offer the option to connect directly to product feeds so that your listings automatically update, reducing the amount of time you spend marketing specific products
  • Gain visibility on platforms that regularly attract a large share of the total online market
  • Expose the brand to new customers and gain more flexibility in how you market
  • Allow customers to see the benefits of your products in head-to-head comparisons with your competitors
  • Make the best of seasonal deals and low prices by giving them pride of place in the eyes of customers who are looking specifically for savings

Some Shopping Search Engines Worth Considering

Hopefully, you’re convinced of the benefits of shopping search engines, as they do have a lot to offer. Now, we’re going to look at the biggest and best platforms and some of the specific advantages they have compared to the others. Bear in mind, however, that you’re not just limited to one shopping search engine. You can list on as many of them as you like, provided that your products fit and you have the time and budget to manage them.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

The tech giant is just as big in the shopping search engine world. Just like the other Google tools, Google Shopping is incredibly easy-to-use, making it the first port of call for beginning e-commerce sites and a trusted regular.

  • Works with Google Merchant Center for easy product management
  • Daily budget system for bidding on product listing ads
  • Products can be updated in bulk and reflect in regular Google listings as well as this platform

Amazon Services

Amazon Product Ads

This isn’t exactly a shopping search engine, but rather an advertising platform that connects your products and site directly to Amazon’s Marketplace, without you having to join that marketplace.

  • Your product links lead to your own external site, not an Amazon product page
  • Helps ads appear in Search and Browse, Product Details pages, Tower Ads, and more
  • A File Transfer Protocol allows you to upload new listings automatically as you create them



One of the oldest shopping search engines on the market and still one of the most widely used, it includes easy-to-use bidding tools to help you more effectively manage your product marketing budget.

  • Connects with BizRate reviews to help boost sales with positive feedback
  • Has a high conversion rate for links clicked
  • One of the most trusted comparison search engines by consumers



Another perfect place to put your product feed, PriceGrabber offers business owners a little more insight into their sales and their customer’s journey with Market Report, their completely original research tool.

  • Track consumer purchases and product pricing trends to help you make offers that are even more enticing
  • Take advantage of their deals, coupons, and weekly specials to give your marketing more visibility during high-sales periods
  • Very low cost of sale

eBay Commerce Network

eBay Commerce Network

If you sell your products on or through eBay, then you should be making the most of the e-commerce giant’s comparison search engine. It doesn’t get quite as many views a month as Nextag or Shopzilla, but it’s still one of the most widely used shopping platforms on the net.

  • Directly connects with Google to help improve product visibility
  • Flexible category level bids offer more control over your budget



If you’re looking to capitalize on great word-of-mouth or a loyal, and vocal fanbase, then Become might be one of the best places to do it. It’s not just a shopping search engine, but also a community full of active consumers and influencers that can prove a good marketing platform for the brand.

  • Articles, reviews, and forums can help improve your brand image
  • Aggregates other buying guides, expert reviews, and more from other sites, which can help you market your products even more effectively
  • An ROI tracker offers much more visibility than other bidding options, so you can see how much you benefit from how much you pay

Shopping search engines could be one of the most effective parts of your conversion funnel, but only if you give them the attention that they need. Boost your e-commerce sales today by using some of the sites and platforms mentioned above.

At Bright Vessel, we can help you choose the right Shipping search engine that suits you best according to your business interests. Please, contact us today to get more information and assessment on this matter.

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