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Wordpress / The History of WordPress Infographic 2018

The History of WordPress Infographic 2018

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WordPress we love. Yes, we're WordPress junkies.The developers here at Bright Vessel have all work in over 50 different CMS systems and WordPress is still the most favorable.

Ten Reasons Why we Love WordPress

  1. The community is awesome. People are very willing to work together to improve every aspect of the platform.
  2. The extensions and plugins are vast and many. It can be hard to know at times which Plugin to pick because there are so many of the same kind.
  3. Very stable to the core. WordPress is rigorously tested internally and externally.
  4. Security is very tight and can be enhanced even more by readily available tools.
  5. WordPress is fast. Very fast when built and hosted the right way.
  6. Oh, forgot to mention. FREE.
  7. There are so many good theme frameworks to choose from. You will never have to start from scratch.
  8. Very easy to integrate into third-party tools like MailChimp, HubSpot, Visual Web Optimizer, Google Analytics, Etc.
  9. 5-Minute install, it can actually be done in 1-minute by our team.
  10. You can prosper. There is no vendor lock-in. You own it, it is yours. No one can take it or tell you what to do with it. Try that with Shopify.

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