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Top Ecommerce Podcasts for WordPress Developers

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Only a decade ago, podcasts were still relatively new to the world. 'Podcasted' forms of stories, guidance, and self-help were only beginning to become more popular than their transcribed versions. Today, podcasts are one of the most widespread types of media on the internet, with hundreds of options to select from for nearly every topic out there.

Podcasts are increasingly prevalent to millions, and that number is only on the rise.


While other forms of media and information are offered from countless sources, such as TV or newspapers, podcasts are primarily leading due to their accessibility and convenience.

This works under the idea that while it may not always be feasible to watch a video or read about a subject, most people can integrate podcasts into their lives through their easy and simple auditory delivery. Podcasts are easy to listen to when you're driving, cleaning, or working out in a way that other media aren't. Most people find that there's still time for an audio recording, even if they have a busy schedule.

So, how can you benefit from this?

A podcast may be an excellent tool for ecommerce business owners seeking to gain a foothold in the market. Podcasts, with choices ranging from nearly every topic and field, offer a lot of possibilities.

Podcasts are popular for a reason. They provide both education and entertainment in a convenient format that may be accessed from anywhere, at any time. As an ecommerce business owner, however, you can acquire a lot of extra professional advantages if you listen to them regularly.



Keep Up With Industry Trends

Today's ecommerce industry is always evolving. What worked one day may not work the next, making it tough for small firms with limited resources to reach new heights.

Podcasts are a fantastic method to stay on top of what's going on in the industry, allowing you to keep your thumb on the pulse of today's ecommerce strategies both easily and simply.

In addition to providing wide-ranging topics from which to choose, ecommerce podcasts are also available on particular themes. This allows people looking for more specialized information to explore essential subjects — such as customer retention or brand image.

Learn From The Best

The majority of podcasts that succeed are hosted by industry experts, such as ecommerce company owners, marketing experts, and thought leaders in the field. Programs run by individuals such as these can give people a better idea of how top names sell and market their products.

Running an ecommerce business entails a lot more than simply selling items online. In the industry, expertise is undoubtedly crucial, and that's why an established professional's guidance is always useful.

A podcast may help close the knowledge gap for new entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing them direct access to the finest guidance. Some podcasts also allow listeners to submit questions, allowing them to get personalized assistance from industry leaders.

Choose From Endless Options And Topics

Ecommerce is a wide subject that covers a variety of subtopics. Fortunately, there's a podcast for just about anything. Ecommerce site owners may have varied goals based on the target market they're aiming for, and the appropriate podcast may provide insight that no other source offers.

The chances of finding a podcast that meets your particular needs are very high, far greater than finding a consistent source through other media formats. Furthermore, there's no limit to the number of podcasts you can listen to, so if you enjoy listening to podcasts about a wide range of subjects as an ecommerce professional, there are likely many that will work for you.



Access Podcasts Anywhere

The accessibility of ecommerce podcasts is one of its greatest benefits. Because reading, watching television and listening to the radio all take time away from other activities, they're difficult to engage in while multitasking. Podcasts differ from these

mediums in the way that they are digestible and accessible, allowing listeners to learn from them almost everywhere and anyhow.

As podcasts can be listened to while doing nearly anything, including chores, driving, shopping, or any other activity, even busy professionals may find time to listen to podcasts. They boast an easy and low-commitment opportunity for everyone to stay up to date.

Top Ecommerce Podcasts for WordPress Developers

Listening to the best podcasts is an excellent method to advance in the ecommerce industry for people in this sector. Industry experts typically create podcasts, so they may be an excellent method to obtain insider knowledge. These podcasts also include updates on cutting-edge technologies, new programs, and timely news items.

Here, we will do a brief overview of some of the most popular ecommerce podcasts out there.



Andrew Youderian, the founder of EcommerceFuel Podcast, is a well-known ecommerce personality with years of podcasting experience and praise.

From brand-specific reports to industry trends to leadership team formation advice, the program covers it all. EcommerceFuel also offers a business development program that connects companies with entrepreneurs to help them grow more quickly and implement industry best practices.

EcommerceFuel is a fantastic all-around ecommerce marketing resource for anybody in the business. The information provided is broad and wide, and the leadership and ecommerce company expertise on offer is outstanding.


My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job is a site dedicated to transitioning away from full-time employment into solo entrepreneurship. It's run by a husband-and-wife team that left the corporate world to enter the ecommerce sector. This podcast hosted by Steve Chou covers a wide range of ecommerce subjects tailored to those just getting started and seeking development.

This podcast is a wonderful first step for people who are new to the ecommerce sector and want to get started on the right path. Much of the material is targeted toward beginners in ecommerce sales, although it can also be beneficial to everyone.


2X Ecommerce

2X Ecommerce, founded by ecommerce advisor Kunle Campbell, dreams up a unique approach and concept to ecommerce podcasts. The site's emphasis is on development, acquiring more clients, and ultimately improving outcomes in a market that is already saturated.

X2X Ecommerce has a large online presence and provides lots of assistance to those seeking for real results. The podcast focuses on business success stories while also looking at how direct-to-consumer firms have met their goals.

This program is an excellent tool for ecommerce experts looking to expand their businesses quickly and stay competitive. The terminology may be technical, but novices and veterans of all types can learn a lot here.


Ecommerce Conversations From Practical Ecommerce

The Ecommerce Conversations podcast, hosted by Practical Ecommerce, is a rich source of ecommerce information with a primary emphasis on success tales. Listeners will learn about excellent leadership, management abilities, and guidance on various product procurement and placement elements.

Ecommerce businesses that are looking for ideas that have worked for others will enjoy what this podcast has to offer. As it mainly focuses on the comparison of company profiles, straightforward business advice is somewhat restricted. Regardless, there are a lot of excellent suggestions and takeaways in between the analysis.


The Fizzle Show Podcast

This Podcast has been active since 2013, is a long-standing source for practical business guidance. The Fizzle Show is a membership organization dedicated to assisting new businesses in achieving their objectives. The podcast is for creative minds who want to make a living doing what they love. The majority of episodes include an interview with a successful business owner and discuss things like blogging, content marketing, audience development, productivity, and more.

Entrepreneurs who enjoy interview-style podcasts and want to learn from seasoned professionals in the business world would enjoy The Fizzle Show Podcast. Specific ecommerce advice may not be as readily available, but the interviewees have a wonderful sense of direction.


Ecommerce Minute

The Ecommerce Minute is a daily podcast produced by John Suder and Bart Mroz that covers ecommerce news. Episodes are published Monday through Friday and run around seven minutes each. Although it's somewhat shorter than a conventional podcast, Ecommerce Minute delivers an enormous amount of new information every week that's easy to listen to while multitasking.

Ecommerce Minute is a fantastic alternative for ecommerce owners looking for up-to-the-minute, relevant information regularly. The topics are broader in nature than some other podcasts, with less business-specific analysis and strategy.


Podcasts are an amazing method to get information in a quick and easy-to-consume format. It also fits nicely with the madness of modern life. You can take it anywhere with you on your smartphone and podcast platform. The accessibility allows for constant and instant access to the best of information and entertainment.

Podcasts provide a wealth of information, entertainment, and knowledge in addition to providing a fun escape. Ecommerce is a popular topic among podcasts, with numerous programs providing insight on all levels. With ecommerce podcasts accessible to everyone, novices and experts alike can distinguish themselves from the competition with world-class material at the touch of a button.

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