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Digital Marketing / Ways to Reinvent Your Social Media Strategy

Ways to Reinvent Your Social Media Strategy

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The most modern brands have already figured out the importance of having an effective online presence. One of the best ways of carving out that presence is by building a strong social media strategy to use. An enterprise can attract potential customers through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Youtube, and more.

However, creating an account on Facebook or other social media sites is the easiest part. You need an effective strategy for your business to benefit from social media. So if your current social media campaigns are not achieving the goals of your business, then it’s time to revamp your strategy. Here are some tips to get you started!

Social Media Posting Tips

Personalize the Posting

Avoid the mistake of posting content without knowing your target audience and their needs. Social media should serve as your opportunity to bond with existing customers and engage with potential leads.

Some people might contact your business through these sites to either ask questions or make comments about your business. Answer their questions in a polite and friendly manner. Occasionally, you may have to deal with unsatisfied customers. Here are some tips to keep in mind when dealing with social media comments:

  • If you receive comments from people who are just trying to get a reaction from other users, then simply ignore them.
  • If you receive comments from unsatisfied customers, deal with them in a professional manner. Apologize for inconveniencing them and make sure to recognize their frustration.
  • Don't just sell to customers. Many buyers or end-users get turned off when they feel that you only care about your business. Engage with your customers. Hear their complaints and pains, and respond appropriately. This will make them feel that they genuinely matter.

Check Out Your Competition

Being aware of what your competitors are doing and how they use social media can give you insights on how to succeed at social media. Learn from your competitors---find out what tactics work for them and see if you can adopt the same tactic with a little twist, and avoid the mistakes they are doing. The intention here isn’t to steal ideas, but to get inspiration and be creative in adopting a strategy that really works.

Stay on Top of the Trends

In today's age, trends come and go quickly. It is the marketer's job to stay informed on the latest digital marketing trends and find ways to utilize fresh information effectively. In 2016, the hottest marketing trends were chat boxes, live streaming, and paid content. These trends may continue to gain popularity this year, but chances are there will be a few others that will make the social media universe even more alive and important. As a digital marketer, you need to make yourself updated so that your campaigns don’t get left behind.

Avoid Making Drastic Changes on Strategies That Work

Regularly reviewing your social media campaign performance is critical so that you know which are working and which are not. Here are some ways on how to maximize campaigns that work and know which areas to improve:

  • Make the analytics your best friend. Use the numerous measuring tools at your disposal.
  • Test out different strategies to see what works.
  • Concentrate more effort on the platforms that are popular for your brand. If your social media strategy does better on Youtube than on Twitter, then create more Youtube videos.
  • Start accounts on the sites that you aren't using. See whether any of its users are interested in your brand. Use a variety of sites to attract an audience.

Be Consistent in Posting

It’s always best to plan what you’re going to post ahead of time to avoid cramming. Then, create a schedule on when to post. Being consistent with your social media posts and campaign helps increase your business' authority.

Repurpose Content

One of the benefits of repurposing content is its budget-friendly nature. Similarly, the practice allows you to target wider audience using different mediums. Let’s say you posted an article on the importance of yoga in promoting a healthy well-being, and this article generated a huge number of readers. You may create an infographic presentation or a podcast using the information from the old article, and post the fresh content on Facebook or Reddit. Your customers who are not fond of reading articles may actually enjoy the visual or audio presentation more.


Using social media for your business doesn’t have to be frustrating. It is crucial that you identify and define your goals, know your target market, be abreast of the digital trends, and utilize the different platforms that your target audience typically visits. If all these sound time-consuming, then it may be a good idea to look for a digital marketer that can help you develop an effective social media marketing strategy.

At Bright Vessel, we understand the importance of an active content plan. Contact us today to learn more about how a content marketing strategy can benefit your bottom line.

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