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WooCommerce / WooCommerce Preorders Plugin

WooCommerce Preorders Plugin

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Bright Vessel is proud to announce their new venture in the plugin space called Bright Plugins. Bright Vessel's founder Judd Dunagan and Head of Development, Sergio Milardovich, co-founded the new venture and launched with their first plugin Preorders for Woocommerce. They do have some popular free plugins as well, which have become popular and were developed while under the label Bright Vessel. However, they stepped up their game by building a Woocommerce Preorders plugin, that has some key features and modes that no other plugin like it has. Also, they decided to create a premium and free version on Both Judd and Sergio felt like this is an opportunity to support existing clients and online business in many ways and is why they picked as their first plugin to launch.

Let's break it down why Preorders for Woocommerce are a good fit for most online businesses.

What does a preorder or stand for in Ecommerce?

Preorder is a tactic that many marketing companies and store owners use to allow the ability for products which are not yet released or in-stock, to be ordered by a customer.

Why do marketers and online store owners use preorder strategies?

  1. Testing the market for demand before investing in inventory and launching a full advertising campaign.
  2. Creating a limited edition, auction, seasonal, or special product.
  3. Launching a lifetime deal or big promotion on an existing product.
  4. To build an audience before the development or launch of a product.
  5. To gain income for inventory and advertising for the product.

One of the key points we think a preorder strategy works very well is it forces companies to dig deep in creating marketing materials based on a buyer's persona and outline a customer's journey map. In other words, instead of launching a product to figure out all the stuff, you're doing wrong and waste time touching a customer with no sales proposition. In a preorder strategy, you have to define what makes someone want your product bad enough that they are willing to purchase ahead of time.

What are a few tactics that can be used in a preorder strategy?

  1. Provide a free t-shirt or gift in the order so the customer can get something now before the product is shipped.
  2. Create a VIP founder's area where customers can share information and comments before launch and makes them feel apart of the company.
  3. Add a progress bar or countdown to the preorder product page so customers can see what is going on.
  4. Send out to 5 lucky customers immediately and ask for a testimonial that can be displayed on the product page.
  5. Create an event which preorder customers can do virtually or in-person the day of the launch.
  6. Create an upgrade offer days before the launch for additional product or a separate product.
  7. Add a team spotlight video to the preorder product page.

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In addition to the Preorders for Woocommerce Plugin, there a few more plugins on the roadmap for Bright Plugins:

  • Woocommerce Order Status Change
  • WordPress Complete History Plugin
  • WordPress Revise Live Posts
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