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WooCommerce / WooCommerce Usage and Domination

WooCommerce Usage and Domination

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WooCommerce Usage

WooCommerce recently announced that it has crossed 7 million downloads. The directory on shows that it is currently in use by over a million websites. WooCommerce is not only the head of the pack when we talk about WordPress e-commerce solutions, but it is now counted amongst the leading digital e-commerce platforms as well.

BuiltWith released stats which show that WooCommerce is right now powering 30% of the online stores.

85% Overall Sales from WooThemes

WooThemes supports products with the provision of themes and extensions for WooCommerce. That being said, when WooThemes forked Jigoshop that created the plug-in, the developers were not aiming to make it the staple of their business.

Magnus Jepson, the co-founder of WooThemes, mentioned that they knew there was potential in this area, they were just not sure how much, and that in the beginning their aim was to boost revenue through selling themes.

The extension model that was crafted for WooCommerce was made by in-house developers, and today that has become a revenue machine for the company with 85% of overall sales.

In 2013, the number of downloads from the WooCommerce plug-in increased from only 1 million to 4 million in a matter of one year. In August 2014, the stats showed 7 million downloads. Currently, WooCommerce is enjoying 339 commercial and free extensions that are listed in its official directory. This is the central revenue source that supports and drives for continual development.

The very first WooConf was a major hit and exceeded everybody’s expectations, according to the co-founder. There were 320 participants at the event, and the team at WooCommerce predicted rightly for those figures to double in the next WooConf that they hosted in Austin last month.

Statistics also show that the Global WooCommerce use is on a steady upward climb and that the WooThemes team has decided to look into several more partnerships in the current year. Jepson also said that they see big things for WooCommerce, and in no time, it may also easily be the dominating platform online for e-commerce. With the ability to reach greater distribution network, the aim for the upcoming year is, according to Jepson “Strengthen Partnerships”, to once again impress the e-commerce world.

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